ennuiannihilate OCTOPODES spurnexterminate (allah_dot_com) wrote in __bjork__,
ennuiannihilate OCTOPODES spurnexterminate

Britney: "ummm yeah"
madonna: "am i Right or what? i mean DUH"
Britney: "ummmm yeah,"
m; "you know...i respect you in public, you RESPECT ME and well...we have double the fans!"
Britney: "ummmm yeah, cool....".
m; "and then we do what britney......."
Britney: "ummmm,"
B; "opps, sorry!"
m; "yeah....whatever"
Brittany: "really, sorry, I didn't..."
M; you can go be friends with Gwen Stefani who won't ever be FAMOUS in 2 years.."
B; No , please! (fakegiggle)
M; what the FUCK did you JUST SAY?"
B; "no sorry, really" (fakecrying)
M; "you know what, you need me more than I need you, so..."
M; "shit- wait a minute, I just thought of something..."
B; "Modonna i was joking!"...(really fake crying hard)
Britney totally crying
"Madonna I am sorry if I offended you...."
M; "yeah, yeah that's great, give me more..."
b; "well i AM SORRY OK!" (crying harder, going hysterical)
M; "thats a performance you NEED to put on TV girl!"
b; "what ?" (sniffing)
M; "say something personal about yourself, that sells records too....i aint gonna do it TOTALLY yet because i was already a STAR before spilling your guts was cool...i invented that too, in case you already didnt know..."
Brittany: "ummmm yeah, shit..."


How would a conversation between Bjork and Madonna go(after a few glasses of wine)? Make it fun...or let her squach Madonna with her creativity,intelligence...and kindness ;)

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