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Big Brother 6

Bye Bye Bitches

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1. Put all spoilers under LJ cut and tell it is a spoiler in the post outside the cut. If you don't know how to use an LJ-cut, How to make a cut <*lj-cut*> just remove the (*)

2. Put pictures under LJ cuts. If the pictures you are posting has nudity please put so outside of the cut. Just incase people are some place where they could get introuble. Also so that others will know just incase they don't want to see it.

3. Absolutely no promotion of any communties! That is what community_promo is for.

4. Be nice! Not everyone is going to like the same houseguests, so respect who they want to see win. If you don't like what someone has said, then simply ignore it- remember this is just the internet.

5. Icons, FO signs, headers are welcomed. As long as they are big brother 6 related. Don't steal from others. Always ask, comment or give credit. If you don't comment still just credit them. Anyone stealing will be ban.

6. Stay on topic

7. Before you make a post, please review the community page. There are no need for repeat posts such as "I love ______!", "VOTE FOR ______!", "______ is so great!" etc. Find a related post and respond to it instead.

8. All posts must have comments enabled.

Failure to comply with these rules can and will result in the deletion of your posts and/or evicted from community.

Big Brother 6 is Love

Everyone in the Big Brother House this year has a secret Partner. Here is who is with who, as well as the current standings in the house:

April and Jennifer
Ashlea and Janelle
Beau and Ivette
Eric and Maggie
Kaysar and Michael
Rachel and Howie
Sarah and James

Blue- HOH/BB winner
Green- Nominated
Red- Evicted
*- For Power of Veto winner
(This will be updated after the show airs.)

Watch Big Brother
Tuesdays 9pm - Power of Veto
Thursday 8pm - Eviction
Saturday 8pm ET/PT - Nominations

Thanks! From your moderator- x0xjenniferx0x
and assistant moderators rs09985 and spillmyguts

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