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Hey everyone go join our new community bigbrotherhome I have rating polls up right now. We will be rating houseguests until our favorite summer show is back on. I miss the show already. :) I will be also working on getting more interviews from past houseguests. You may post about anything big brother related. Check it out. :)
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i got this email from cbs.com about housecalls. just thought i would post what it said

EXTENDED BY POPULAR DEMAND Fans can't get enough of HOUSE CALLS: the live talk show hosted by Gretchen Massey and Marcellas Reynolds. The door may have closed on the BIG BROTHER 6 house, but by popular demand, Gretchen and Marcellas are still here for you every Monday, ready to take your calls, make you laugh and give you a head start on your TV-watching week. The special guest this Monday, October 3, is BB6 Blonde Bombshell Janelle, aka Brainy Janey, who will call in to chat with Gretchen, Marcellas and you about all things blonde: Do blondes have more fun? Did being blonde work to Janelle's advantage in the BB6 house? Call in and join the fun with your own questions, comments and thoughts on blondeness for Janelle and our irrepressible hosts. Kick off each week with Gretchen and Marcellas on HOUSE CALLS, webcast live every Monday at 1pm et/10am pt, only on CBS.com



From thefishbowl.com

Hey Guys,

I know your life wouldn't be complete without the final member of the Sovereign team so Kaysar will be here for our new format Friday Reality This Week show which runs from 12 Noon PT/3PM ET to 2PM PT/5PM ET.

Ashlea and James will be calling in during the 1PM hour. We are expecting Kaysar in Studio.

Well the show is on now.

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does anyone have the videos of "hurricane" howie going off on april, and janelle walking around saying "maggie, you're a bitch" and then fighting with beau? i had them on my old computer and i kind of want to watch them again.

also for anyone who doesn't know, there are great interviews with james, sarah, howie, rachel, michael, and janelle on thefishbowl.com

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Hey, Im not obssesive or anything but i go to Chicago 2 times a month and i was wondering if anyone knew where i could find Howies address. It would be realy cool to meet him. :)
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Howie's vote.

I know that BB6 is way over now (sadly)....but I don't think this has been mentioned!

First of all, I think Howie knew he was going to be the deciding vote. So with that knowledge..I think he voted for Maggie because Ivette voted off Janelle. I think Howie preferred Ivette over Maggie..but wanted to punish her for not taking Janelle with her. Like he said...Ivette made a $500,000 mistake.

Just my take on it ;D

Feel free to discuss.
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