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XPOSTED- Copy of a press release I sent out tonight

Hello there,
As you know CBS last summer featured a self described Star Wars fanatic on their show CBS's Big Brother 6, Summer of Secrets and it was a huge success.
In response, Master Replicas made Howie Gordon their offical "spokesperson" for their FX Lightsaber's line of collectables. As fate would have it, CBS has given Howie Gordon another chance to be in the Big Brother household and that can mean, more FX Saber duels and more chances to hear about Star Wars across the International airwaves and more exspoure in the Star Wars Fan community.
I'd like to point everyone to
and vote for Howie Gordon for CBS's Big Brother 7 ALL STARS Edition
Last summer, we able to watch one of our own go out there and have a chance at a huge cash prize to which I am sure would have filled some holes in some of our collectors. As a community I believe we should stand behind one of our own and at least help in voting him into the Big Brother 7 and make STAR WARS apart of our summer experience and enjoy the adventures of "Jedi" Howie Gordon.
Mike Dodd
Public Relations
Count Dooku
Sith Lord Adminstrator @
Contact for further media inquires @

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