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Kaysar Ridha Chats with Jokers!
Kaysar from Big Brother 6 chats with his fans!
By Kiana, September 21, 2005
<Jokerette> were you approached to do amazing race?
<KAYSAR_BB6> well, there has been a lot of speculation about me on Amazing race
<Jokerette> yes so we've heard!
<KAYSAR_BB6> nothing is concrete yet...
<Jokerette> which brings the next question..
<Jokerette> LIVEFEEDWATCHER: will you do any other reality shows in the near future or was BB^ enough to last you a life time?
<KAYSAR_BB6> The only other reality TV shows I will convider doing are Amazing Race or the BB Allstars
<Jokerette> so you were approached for all stars?
<KAYSAR_BB6> All I can say is that someone very high of the corperate ladder at CBS has asked me already
<Jokerette> wow! and you're thinking of doing it?
<KAYSAR_BB6> It depends on the circumstances... I have to see where I'm at in my life
<Jokerette> wonderful
<Jokerette> AllHailKingKay: Kaysar..since you are from Iraq, what message does it send you that you were overwhelmingly selected as America's Choice??
<Kiana> That's a positive sign that there WILL be an All Stars BB!
<KAYSAR_BB6> It sure sounds like there will be a BB Allstar cast. I think it will be soon
<Kiana> Awesome!
<Kiana> Kaysar: Do you think the sequestered jury of 7 maintains the integrity of the game better than when every houseguest was able to see the entire show, diary room entries, public opinion and all had a voice? After all, the jury of 7 still arrive at the jury house with their own prejudices about what happened their eviction week anyway.
<KAYSAR_BB6> I am really happy that I gained the popular vote. This was important because it shows were the American public really stands
<KAYSAR_BB6> They are not afraid to open their minds and their hearts
<Jokerette> not where YOU're concerned.. you're very much loved
<Kiana> The fans did indeed speak
<Kiana> 82% of us
<Jokerette> Tweedle: Would you have any suggestions for CBS for next season's Big Brother? Changes in format, competitions, number of guests, vetos, etc?
<KAYSAR_BB6> I suggest they cast people who want to really play the game and are not shooting to make it to sequester so they can pay off their credit card bills
<KAYSAR_BB6> ie: jennifer
<Jokerette> LOL!
<Jokerette> Serena: Kaysar, what is your one regret in the game.
<KAYSAR_BB6> I regret taking my finger off the button. :-)
<Jokerette> ROFL
<Jokerette> FrodoLass: As a Kaysar fan, I would like to know how you would have answered Eric's question last night concerning his belief that your actions in breaking a promise to him, was the same as Jen breaking her promise to you.
<KAYSAR_BB6> Well, I made a promise to eric that I meant to keep
<KAYSAR_BB6> the promise had conditions
[<Jokerette> conditions?
<KAYSAR_BB6> one of which was: do not ask or think about playing in the veto competition
<Jokerette> right
<KAYSAR_BB6> He knew of this condition and knew he was in a tough spot
<KAYSAR_BB6> so he tried to trick me by playing on my team
<Kiana> another condition was, he promised to take you to the final 4 and then promised the same spot to many different houseguests, right?
<KAYSAR_BB6> thinking I didn't know what he was trying to do
<KAYSAR_BB6> that's very true. He was not trustworthy
<Kiana> What is your completely honest opinion on the friendship, political correctness aside?
<KAYSAR_BB6> I think they should seek help
<Kiana> ROFL
<KAYSAR_BB6> they should spend less time speaking
<Kiana> can you elaborate please?
<KAYSAR_BB6> and more time thinking about who they really are
<KAYSAR_BB6> because they don't know
<Jokerette> <whuddup_kaysar> jokerette, can you ask kaysar... if you are cast for Amazing Race, who would you bring as a partner
<KAYSAR_BB6> I think janie is the compete package
<Kiana> We agree!!
<KAYSAR_BB6> complete**
<Jokerette> you'd take janie?
<Jokerette> RTHAT would be quite the show!
<KAYSAR_BB6> I think I would have to see what the producers would like to see
<Kiana> In fact, we hope you bring her with us to your next visit to JokersUpdates?
<Jokerette> dark-territory: has ivette had a chance to apologize for some of her racist comments to you?
<KAYSAR_BB6> No, I haven't see her. Her mother came up to me though. She said I shouldn't take wait Ivette has to say personally. She just talks too much
<Jokerette> makes sense.
<Jokerette> hurricanekaysar: Kaysar do you plan to speak to any of the Friendsheep and call them out on their hypocrisy or do you plan to just leave things in the past?
<KAYSAR_BB6> that's no excuse in my opinion
<Jokerette> nor in mine.
<KAYSAR_BB6> if you have nothing nice to say. Keep your mouth shut
<KAYSAR_BB6> or make it good
<KAYSAR_BB6> :-)
[19:21] <KAYSAR_BB6></b> lol
<Kiana> lol
<Jokerette> roflmao
<Jokerette> hurricanekaysar: Kaysar do you plan to speak to any of the Friendsheep and call them out on their hypocrisy or do you plan to just leave things in the past?
<KAYSAR_BB6> I think if they want to step up to the plate and speak of what happened in the house, then I'm there.
<Jokerette> makes sense
<Jokerette> Dancerhere: If you had an opportunity to vote for either Ivetter or Maggie last night to win, who would you have voted for and why? BTW I hate them both but loved you!
<KAYSAR_BB6> But I think they have cause far more problems for themselves than they can ever imagine
<KAYSAR_BB6> I think I run for the hills!
<Jokerette> you ain't kidding there lol
<Kiana> lol
<KAYSAR_BB6> It would be a tough call.
KAYSAR_BB6> I couldn't say... I think I would vote for....
<Jokerette> neither? LOL
<KAYSAR_BB6> I'm sorry I can't answer that question
<Jokerette> kewl lol
<KAYSAR_BB6> next
<KAYSAR_BB6> lol
<Jokerette> <wishfulthinker> ask kaysar how he feels about the majority of America feeling that the SOVS are the true winning team this season
<Jokerette> here's a remark i should put
<Jokerette> <LuvKaysar> Please tell Kaysar thank you for the class he exhibited on the show and tell him how he helped a nation see what a muslim is really all about. He won our hearts! thank you
<KAYSAR_BB6> It feels like we can all wake up every morning knowing there is still hope in this world
<Jokerette> awwwwww
<Jokerette> <StevenOConnor> in a game that NOTHING is for certain, why did you trust Jenn who was on the other side?
<KAYSAR_BB6> we played well... we played right...
<Jokerette> you did indeed
<KAYSAR_BB6> Because I think deep down inside we are good people. I treated them so well. I showed them all nothing but respect. I thought if I had her the world she would find it in her heart to do the right thing
<KAYSAR_BB6> And I could plan for the next week
<Jokerette> bless your heart.
<Jokerette> <Eff> Does it surprise you Kaysar at how fast the Friendship has turned on one another now that the show is over? Beau is mad at Ivette, Ivette's mad at April and Jenn, and so on. Whereas the soverign seem to be having a great time.
<KAYSAR_BB6> I didn't think her lust for power and fame would distort her decision making that much
<Jokerette> suprise.
<KAYSAR_BB6> I wish you could see how much the S6 are having. It is just too natural
<KAYSAR_BB6> Am I surprised. No way
<Jokerette> <whuddup_kaysar> Who would you keep in touch with from BB6?
<KAYSAR_BB6> they had to validate their so called friendship my naming themselves the "friendship," What a joke
<Jokerette> lol!
<KAYSAR_BB6> I think I would keep in touch will all the S6
<Kiana> Can you let us know what kind of fun you had after the show last night with the Sov 6?
<Jokerette> good question!
<KAYSAR_BB6> We did have to speak of our friendship. It came easy for us
<KAYSAR_BB6> I knew their so called friendship would not last. They didn't care about each other. They cared about hurting the S6
<Jokerette> <bigdawg> can you ask kaysar if he felt that the game was going down hill when Howie made the decision to nominate James and Sarah?
<KAYSAR_BB6> Yes. I did feel it was all downhill from that point on... I think that was the beginning to the end
<Jokerette> yep
<Jokerette> kaysarluvr: Kaysar...what was your favorite memory from the house?
<KAYSAR_BB6> My favorite moment: The end of my week of HOH. The S6 was formed. We were all in the HOH
<Jokerette> awwwwwww I bet
<Jokerette> Amanda: Kaysar will you ever forgive Jen for what she did to you?? Also do you plan on talking to her in the future??
<KAYSAR_BB6> She ruined the game
<Jokerette> she did indeed
<Jokerette> <JTobaccorhoda> Jokerette, ask him if he knows if the Fiendship has had a chance to look at Joker's updates. Thanks
<KAYSAR_BB6> She made it clear that she was playing the game to make it the sequester house
<KAYSAR_BB6> so she can pay her bills
<Jokerette> no way to play agame
<KAYSAR_BB6> I don't think they have had a chance to look a jokers
<Jokerette> that's just as well :|
<KAYSAR_BB6> we are still in semi-sequester
<Jokerette> they're not overly popular here :|
<KAYSAR_BB6> I'm speaking to everyone from the hotel lobby
<Kiana> Is that until the wrap party, Kaysar?
<KAYSAR_BB6> correct
<Jokerette> <AmericaHatesIVET> Kaysar, do you think Ivette is aware just how badly America despises her?
<KAYSAR_BB6> I think they are a bit overwhelmed. People are stopping them on the street expressing their disgust for them
<Kiana> wow
<Jokerette> awwwwwwwww now that makes me feel bad
<Jokerette> <SherryB> Would you ask Kayser since he is a graphic artist, if he has any of his work on the web?
<KAYSAR_BB6> I will have some work up shortly. I have a friend/parter helping my put up my official site. There are will display some of my work and some background about how I started designing
<KAYSAR_BB6> along with many other things
<Jokerette> good! and you'll send me the link
<Kiana> Jokers will make sure we post your link on our site
<Jokerette> Blaque03: Kaysar, not only have you won the heart of America, but Canada loves you too! You played an amazing game and you are truely a wonderful
person. My question for you is...Do you think you and Janelle will stay in close contact? Also, do you think her relationship with Michael will last now that the game is over?
<KAYSAR_BB6> I hope to stay in contact with Janie. She is the first one I bonded with in that house.
<Jokerette> AlNisa: As Salaamu Alaikum Kaysar! Has Eric made an effort to apologize for his actions in the house??
<KAYSAR_BB6> As for her relationship with michael, I wish them the best
<KAYSAR_BB6> Eric has made a slight effort... but that doesn't matter. He should apologize to the public at large not me
<Jokerette> agreed there
<Jokerette> <azlina> kaysar, what are your plans now that you're out of the house?
<KAYSAR_BB6> I feel he exploited his position as a firefighter to gain popularity
<Kiana> The fans agree
<KAYSAR_BB6> and thats the clean version
<Kiana> lol
<KAYSAR_BB6></b> I'm not sure yet. I will have to wait and see what opportunities present themselves.
<Kiana> <sergeirulz> kaysar - do you feel there is still a sociological aspect to the big brother show as far as how people act, react & interact under the conditions of the house... or has it become all entertainment?
<KAYSAR_BB6> I have some things that I am working on, but I'll let everyone know when things are final
<Jokerette> kewl!
<KAYSAR_BB6> There is definitely a sociiological aspect!...
<KAYSAR_BB6> We are placed in a house with no social contact
<KAYSAR_BB6> in a comfortable environment with people you wouldn't normally associate with
<KAYSAR_BB6> It simulated society under pressure
<Jokerette> <Mamasita> Hello. Please ask Kaysar if he thinks the houseguest are aware of the online communities such as Jokers that have followed the show
all season? Do they realize the "word" is that this has been the best season ever? Thanks!!
<KAYSAR_BB6> I don't think they are aware of the online communities, but I assure you that they will!
<Jokerette> lol )
<Jokerette> <CCL> jokerette will you ask kaysar if there was one person from the Friendship that he was going to have to spend a month with, who would it be?
<Jokerette> roflmao!
<KAYSAR_BB6> The fans here at jokers have contributed so much to BB6!
<Jokerette> )
<Kiana> <jlcmsu> Kaysar don't you feel your side just got outplayed because they got the S6 to make mistakes?
<KAYSAR_BB6> No comment
<KAYSAR_BB6> well...
<KAYSAR_BB6> I think we beat ourselves
<Jokerette> <hatetheherd> Hey Kaysar! What did you think about the Howie/April fight? P.S. I'm wearing my "Vote for Kaysa" t-shirt! hehe
<KAYSAR_BB6></b> we made several little mistakes as a collective. In the end it translated into one big one.
<Jokerette> we sure wanted Janelle to win.. if you couldn't
<KAYSAR_BB6> LOL. Well I knew howie was doing it to get under April's skin. And it worked. I didn't agree with some of the things that were said. He was a bit brutal with his words
<KAYSAR_BB6> But Howie has a good heart
<Jokerette> yes.!
<Jokerette> <visaliakid> Kaysar...What is your reaction to Big Brother's editing of the Fiendsheep to make them look better than they were?
<KAYSAR_BB6> He was upset with the sheep
<KAYSAR_BB6> I think BB edited them they way they did because if it wasn't for the editing their lives would be in danger. They are hated as it is
<Jokerette> lmao!
<Jokerette> <rachrox> ask Kaysar if they are doing a bb6 dvd and would he do commentary?
<KAYSAR_BB6> Any more editing, you would think there were only 8 houseguests
<Jokerette> roflmao!
<KAYSAR_BB6> lol
<Kiana> rofl
<KAYSAR_BB6> I could help out with the DVD. I could comment if asked to do so.
<Jokerette> CainEJW: While in the house, you often ended up sleeping days, often when you were nominated. Why did you decide to sleep in those days, and do you feel it may have cost you valuable strategy time?
<KAYSAR_BB6> I needed to gather my thoughts. I had to stay up during the night to plan my next move as well. I also wanted to stay away from those terrible people.
<Jokerette> rofl i can see THAT
<Jokerette> PlayinDead: I would like to know if Kaysar has heard about Ivette comparing him to Osma Bin Laden and his thoughts about it.
<KAYSAR_BB6> I slept because that was the only way I could calm my nerves as well
<Jokerette> don't blame you at all.
<Jokerette> hell i'd be doing xanax in droves
<KAYSAR_BB6> I heard about it a week after I was released back into the wild.
<Jokerette> must have been horrified
<KAYSAR_BB6> I laughed actually
<Jokerette> !
<KAYSAR_BB6> She had to resort to such inderhanded tactics
<KAYSAR_BB6> how sad
<Kiana> Kaysar do you have any clear idea why the sheep blindly did Maggie's dirty work for her? How did she have so much control over them?
<KAYSAR_BB6> I know who I am
<KAYSAR_BB6> a terrorist is not close to what I am
[<Jokerette> we all know who you are
<Jokerette> there's no doubt, K
<KAYSAR_BB6> she is a sad sad human
<Kiana> we were all appalled by her comments Kaysar
<Jokerette> <hatetheherd> Kaysar, Do you think any of the herds' jobs will be effected due to how they portrayed themselves the last 3 months?
<KAYSAR_BB6> Well people who are afraid to live their own life often look for someone to tell them what to do. They can't think for themselves.
<KAYSAR_BB6> On the same note... Anyone can lead the weak minded.
<Kiana> Maggie exploited the weak minded?
<KAYSAR_BB6> Well before I entered the house, I had to do my research.
<KAYSAR_BB6> While others were concerned with whether or not they will be rich and famous... I was concerned with my return to the real world
<KAYSAR_BB6> I read an article about reality TV stars
<KAYSAR_BB6> everyone returned back to normal
<KAYSAR_BB6> except
<KAYSAR_BB6> for one woman on the appretice who made racist comments
<Kiana> Yes she lost her job, I believe
<KAYSAR_BB6> yes
<Kiana> anti-semitic remarks
<KAYSAR_BB6> exactly
<Kiana> So you think this may happen to some of the sheep as well?
<KAYSAR_BB6> I could care less. I would rather them wisen up a little and learn from their mistakes.
<KAYSAR_BB6> I don't want them to suffer.
<Jokerette> <valerie> Kaysar...what was it that made those silly women so dedicated to Eric?
<KAYSAR_BB6> If they become better people the world would be a safer place
<Kiana> neither do we, we just didn't want to watch them on TV lol
<Kiana> lol right on
<KAYSAR_BB6> Lack of a positive male role model in their lives
<Jokerette> LOL!
<Jokerette> Kaysar we sure love having you..
<Jokerette> I know you're busy
<KAYSAR_BB6> lol
<KAYSAR_BB6> my pleasure
<Jokerette> we're gonna open this to let folks say goodbye to you LOL
<Jokerette> are you ready for the deluge?
<KAYSAR_BB6> ok :-)
<Kiana> It was a real pleasure to chat with you Kaysar. You were my #1 as well
<Jokerette> yes it was!
<KAYSAR_BB6> open the flood gates
<Kiana> Hope to have you back!
****lots of fan praise****
<KAYSAR_BB6> I hope to get a chance to do more TV work
<KAYSAR_BB6> so I can get a chance to reach out to everyone
<Jokerette> i hope so too!
<Jokerette> you're uber popular with fans
<KAYSAR_BB6> Thanks Jokers for make this chat possible
<Jokerette> it was so crzy we had to remoderate the room lol
<Jokerette> it was disticntly our pleasure!
<timmydownawell> Great to have you here, Kaysar
<Jokerette> you give great chat

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