Jennifer (x0xjenniferx0x) wrote in __bigbrother6,

You all were asking why I ban her. She came in here to cause drama. She was saying things like the show is rigged. April shouldn't of played POV because she was HOH. She should of read the rules not James. She said that no HOH plays POV. Which we all know that HOH does. I honestly don't think she really watches the show. I think she just picked up info trying to sound like she knew something when she didn't. Lots of the things she said didn't make since. She said she isn't going to watch the show anymore. Said that Janelle is a dumb blonde. Which even if you don't like her we know she isn't dumb. She said Janelle had Howie say the stuff he did for her. Which we know Howie did that on his own.

I am not going to go into too much detail. I already wrote too much lol. So if you guys came to your filters or friends page you would of seen an entry that would of took up your screen. Which I think writing that much is rude. Enough out of me. Any more questions about this feel free to ask. :) I rarely ban anyone. So if someone gets ban it usually for a really good reason.

Have a great day everyone.

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