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BB6 Winner Logic

Ugh! It's such a close call now on who will win! You can almost feel the tension and anticipation, even when the show isn't on. I don't have live feeds (and would rather not have anything major spoiled for me!), so could anyone possibly shed some light/hope on what Ivette, Maggie and Janie are talking about strategically? Y'know, without telling me who won HOH, what's in the safe, etc...? I'm hoping Ivette and Janie come to their senses and take each other to the Final 2, cuz then Janie [hopefully] has a better chance of winning. I wish they had Live Feeds in the jury house cuz then we could see all the major campaigning that's been going on to sway ppl's votes so Janie wins (yes, I live in an optimist world, leave me alone, :P). I don't know (and don't wanna know til Friday) what was in the Gold Safe, but I'm hoping it's not another friggin' luxury prize and that it actually has an impact on the game. And...y' a real shocker! Not the lame crap that's been supposedly trying to "surprise" the audience.

Anywayz, here's my logic:


**So obviously partners will most likely vote the same (Howie/Rachel, Jen/April, Beau/Ivette). This whole "Partner's Twist" only caused the game to be more complicated when it came to choosing the winner, and less appealing for the Janie-fans! The majority of America will probably be disappointed by the winner of BB6. I know I will be if it's not Janelle.**

Maggie vs. Janelle 

Ivette = Maggie

Jen = Maggie

Rachel = Janelle

Beau = Maggie

James = Janelle (just cuz he hates Maggie)

Howie = Janelle

April = ??? probably Maggie, just cuz of the "loyalty to the friendship" thing. She's easy to sway though, so she could be a swing vote

Probablity in favor of: Maggie, however she is the most hated for what she did for Kaysar, but her team has the majority. Let's just hope April's vote can be swayed.


Janelle vs. Ivette

Maggie = Ivette? She could possibly be swayed, but will most likely stay loyal to the "friendsheep"

Jen = Ivette

Rachel = Janelle

Beau = Ivette

James = ??? He had an alliance with both Janelle and Ivette, so he's pretty much neutral. However, in the jury house he's been annoyed by Jen and Beau and will most likely be annoyed by April, so he might just vote with Rachel and Howie for Janie b/c he's hung out with them the most in the Jury House. Hopefully R/H can swing his vote for Janie!

Howie = Janelle

April = ??? She could possibly vote for Janelle just cuz even though she and Ivette made up, Ivette's goodbye message was kind of strange, so that may swing April's vote for Janelle just cuz Janie was nice to her in her last week. Plus, the one responsible for April being gone is Ivette. Hmmm....

Probablity in favor of: Janelle, if April and James' votes can be swayed....and (this is a reach) but if April votes for Janelle, Jen's vote may be swayed...doubt it though...just considering all possibilities.


Maggie vs. Ivette

Janelle = Maggie

Jen = Maggie? (were they close in the house?)

Rachel = Maggie

Beau = Ivette

James = Ivette

Howie = Maggie

April = Maggie?

Jen and April's votes are neutral, they could vote easily for both Maggie or Ivette

Probablity in favor of: Maggie, she pissed less people off than Ivette.


The most hated out of the Final 3 is Ivette, she annoyed even some members of her own team, and I have a feeling Maggie is starting to notice Ivette's immaturity. Plus, she may have been felt the way April did when Ivette won veto and started screaming.

So, it's not looking too good for Janie :(

But I really hope Ivette doesn't win. And it looks like Maggie has the better chance of winning out of the Final 3. I honestly don't see Ivette winning this game. However, I dunno who won HOH. We'll know more Friday, hopefully the game takes a turn for the better for Janie!


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