Kaydren (kaydren) wrote in __bigbrother6,

I'm very much hoping that Ivette's maggie straightens Ivette's ass out when she leaves the game. I think She can agree as much as everyone else in the free world who's seen the show, that Janelle isnt making Ivette's time in the house miserable. It's the control and influence that Maggie has over her. Janelle isnt the enemy that Ivette thinks she is.

I'm finding this season strangly perplexing and yet I cant turn away from the train wreck because watching Maggie control and manipulate 5 people who supposidly had "free will" and it is amazing. She does it so effortlessly it's mind boggling.

anothing thing I thought was funny from watching the feeds, the sheep were around the table out back and of course Maggie said she didnt want to sleep in the Janelle's HoH room cuz she wasnt sure if it was gonna be fun etc. Thing is.. it wouldnt be fun for them.. 95% of their time spent in the HoH room having their "slumber parties" involved trashing Janelle. they would be for a lack of anything to talk about if Janie was around them :) heh

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