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i'm sure this is talked about, i'm just too lazy to look. and i want one thread on it.

as much as i effing HATE EVILette and how frickin delusional she is about EVERYTHING, i have to admit she keeps me laughing during episodes. she may be off the rocker in her freaking head, but she has quite a few funny comments and hilarious faces that are too priceless. i wish i could take some shit from tonight's episode and quote her because the dumb bitch had me laughing. if i didn't know behind the scenes shit, if i didn't know how nuts she is, how insanely delusional about everything she is, and based my opinion on her solely upon episodes, i would probably not hate her the most like i do. i would probably like her somewhat just because of the funny comments/faces she makes. and that pains me to think that that is how CBS is portraying her. lol. it's horrible.

i'm just waiting for her to see reality. as bad as i feel for quite a few people in that house, that they will soon realize what america thinks about them, i can't wait for it because it will be grand. (janey will be quite pleased. kays knows what's up. howie will be sad that he isn't the star of the show, but most of us still love him because he keeps us laughing.)

oh, and i would absolutely go off the deep end if ivette (or april) wins big brother. maggie is bad, but she doesn't annoy me like evilette and april do. boooo hoooooo wah wahh waaahhhaahaaaaaaaa. *throws crappy at them* take your precious crappy & give JANELLE the win!!!.... BITCHES.

okay i'm done.

(x-posted wherever the hell i find to post hehe)

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