September 21st, 2005


BB finale

I have a huge favor to ask. I work third shift and I fell asleep sometime before the finale came on. I'm so pissed at myself because I've been looking forward to this finale so bad. It didn't even matter that I hate the final two, but I more than anything wanted to see the whole group together again. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can download the finale or would anyone here by any chance have it? I would be soooo very grateful! I've read all the previous posts about the finale and that just makes me more anxious than ever to see it. Any help is appreciated.
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Scary Cappy Connection

I don't know what's scarier: The fact that my dad and Cappy look the same or that they share the same profession.

Yes, that is all I learned from the finale. Because well everything else was vastly disappointing unless it pertained to the awesomeness of the Sov6.

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You all were asking why I ban her. She came in here to cause drama. She was saying things like the show is rigged. April shouldn't of played POV because she was HOH. She should of read the rules not James. She said that no HOH plays POV. Which we all know that HOH does. I honestly don't think she really watches the show. I think she just picked up info trying to sound like she knew something when she didn't. Lots of the things she said didn't make since. She said she isn't going to watch the show anymore. Said that Janelle is a dumb blonde. Which even if you don't like her we know she isn't dumb. She said Janelle had Howie say the stuff he did for her. Which we know Howie did that on his own.

I am not going to go into too much detail. I already wrote too much lol. So if you guys came to your filters or friends page you would of seen an entry that would of took up your screen. Which I think writing that much is rude. Enough out of me. Any more questions about this feel free to ask. :) I rarely ban anyone. So if someone gets ban it usually for a really good reason.

Have a great day everyone.
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Everyone remember to watch housecalls today:
Town Hall with Maggie, Ivette, Janelle and James.
Should be good!

If you miss it when it airs at 1 p.m., it is usually archived within 24 hours.

and if it's after 1, you can still go to and catch the show!

(no I'm not being paid by CBS)
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The True Friendship

I'd just like to state for the last time why the S6 (okay I'll call them the S8 now) are a much better alliance (okay group of people) than the friendship (it kills me to call them that, there's much better names for them).

The S8 (Kaysar, Janelle, Ashlea, Michael, Howie, Rachel, Sarah and James) came away from Big Brother with a true friendship, whereas ironically the friendship did not.

The S6 was really and truly based on friendship, and trust but they didn't go on and on about it.At first they were a bunch of outcasts who later turned out to be really good players, and really good people.

The S6 was about playing as a team whereas the friendship clearly were not.The friendship went on and on about intergrity, loyalty, intelligence, good game play, why they were such good people and how they were such great friends when really none of that stuff was a reality for them.

Kaysar formed the S6 of the outcasts because he liked them and because he felt they were all individually good players and as a team he felt they could dominate.As Janelle and James pointed out last night Maggie formed the friendship for her own personall benefit.An alliance only works when the alliance is playing for everyone, not when one person is playing the alliance for thier own benefit.

Granted Maggie's got a cheque for $500, 000 with her name on it but she went on and on about her intergrity and how it was about friendship and she didn't get that money by playing for her friends, or being someone with integrity.

Janelle said a few weeks back that she really felt that Kaysar, Ashlea, Michael, Rachel and Howie had all taken the fall for her to be there, and it was true but they didn't take it because she played them, and got them out, they took it because they played as a team.If Janelle had walked away the winner last night the other S6ers wouldn't have had looks of despair on thier faces much like the ones seen on the faces of Ivette and Beau, true friends don't do that.

Ashlea, Janelle, Michael, Kaysar, Rachel, Howie, James and Sarah are the true friendship.They come out the house truly richer than Maggie and Ivette.They're amazing players, and people and I almost feel sad for the other side but they did it to themselves.

Ivette came out of the BB house and realized she didn't want to be friends with the friendship, April and Jen hate Ivette, Cappy and Maggie aren't true friends to thier other "friends".

The "friendship" will probably have better relationships with members of the S6 than they will with other members of thier alliance.

In short, Janelle, Kaysar, Michael, Ashlea, Howie, Rachel, Sarah and James are awesome, the ones who said they were honorable, good hearted people with integrity, not so much.
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