September 14th, 2005


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Last nights show was funny in the jury house. I loved it when Rachel said Jen better keep her hands off Howie or I will throw her in the pond. lol!! I was surprised Rachel didn't do it already. I know that bitch would of drove me too it.
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BB6 Winner Logic

Ugh! It's such a close call now on who will win! You can almost feel the tension and anticipation, even when the show isn't on. I don't have live feeds (and would rather not have anything major spoiled for me!), so could anyone possibly shed some light/hope on what Ivette, Maggie and Janie are talking about strategically? Y'know, without telling me who won HOH, what's in the safe, etc...? I'm hoping Ivette and Janie come to their senses and take each other to the Final 2, cuz then Janie [hopefully] has a better chance of winning. I wish they had Live Feeds in the jury house cuz then we could see all the major campaigning that's been going on to sway ppl's votes so Janie wins (yes, I live in an optimist world, leave me alone, :P). I don't know (and don't wanna know til Friday) what was in the Gold Safe, but I'm hoping it's not another friggin' luxury prize and that it actually has an impact on the game. And...y' a real shocker! Not the lame crap that's been supposedly trying to "surprise" the audience.

Anywayz, here's my logic:

I'm sure it's nothing anyone else hasn't already figured out...Collapse )

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Debbie Downer's Predictions

For those of you fans or familiar with Saturday Night Live, especially the last season or 2, you know Debbie Downer (as played by Rachel Dratch). I made an online oracle (just for fun) as part of Rachel's website. So I went and asked her about the game and the outcome. haha!

Debbie Downer, will Maggie win BB6?

"Nothing good ever comes from too much risk-taking".

Will Ivette win BB6?

"I would strongly advise againest it. Too much inbreeding".

Will Janelle win BB6?

"If I knew the answer to that question, I'd be a millionaire self-help guru and not struggling just to make my monthly minimum payments."

Oh well, I tried! ;)
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why does ivette "need" the money so bad? besides her saying she does? does she "need" to buy xmas gifts or something? she never said why her family "needs" it so bad. hell, i "need" an ipod or two. besides, it's not about who needs the money. i'm sick of hearing that. go get a better job if you need it so bad. this isn't a chairty. and anyway, i'm sure there are more needy people out there than ivette.

edit: this is mostly in response to people on message boards and such repeating the fact that ivette "needs" the money. and to her too, i guess