September 12th, 2005

grey flower

(no subject)

i dont have the live feeds, but i do read up on them....

why does maggie favor ivette? doesnt maggie think for herself too?? is there any chance that ivette will keep april to win in the end?

i also have a feeling that the HOH comp for the final 3 will be endurance. theres no way janelle will give up unless its a major F up. i have all the faith in her. cant wait to watch!!

ps. on the live feed's what is the schedule for hoh's, veto's competitions, and evictions?

I know, I'm cheap...

I was wondering if anyone shares usernames/passwords with which to watch the live feeds?? I signed up for the free 15 day thing but it expired a few days ago. Now, I realllly wanna watch the feeds, but don't want to pay to sign up for the stupid RealPlayer plus pass, nor can I do the free pass again (that I know of). So, I dont know if this is inappropriate but I really want to watch the houseguests!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Thought I'd ask.