September 10th, 2005

sup internet!

Maggie would make the perfect cult leader!!

Maggie quoted from JokersUpdates:

She says that "We have added personality to the game, which has no personality. BB are the assholes, they purposely brought us together because they knew we would fall in love with each other, and we did ... we need to play the game with loooove, and play like there is no prize. We can all win the game, we need to forget that there is a prize at the end and just take it as it comes"

Holy brainwashing batman! This is EXACTLY what she wants to drill in their heads so they'll take HER with them to the final 2 instead of Janelle.

Who cares about the 500 smackarooos....we're in LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE.

Gag me.
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T-Shirt // Little Miss Sunshine!

Since Howie left, my brother's gone crazy...

We all miss Howie!!!! He was practically the only entertainment on the show.

But it was especially disappointing for my younger brother when he got evicted Tuesday. It broke his little heart. Seriously, Payden idolizes Howie. The other day he bought a lightsaber and asked everyone to start calling him Howie. It's kinda scary, but funny nonetheless.


Here are some pictures of Jedi Payden...Collapse )

by "pullyourtangles"... amazing iconist!

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ogmgmog mgogmgmo
there is Hope for Janelle:
from jokers:

"Maggie you are gonna think I'm a horrible horrible person, but I can't say I'm gonna vote for her(I) if she's sitting next to Janelle"


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Would somebody type out verbatim what April says about her reasons for getting plastic surgery? I deleted my DVR already and I want to read it again for laughs.

Something about "I got MY plastic surgery done because I've wanted it a long time, not because I have low self-esteem." Something like that.

I spit my Dr. Pepper all over the screen when she said that.
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I got an interview with David from BB4. I wrote him a email a few days ago and he finally got back to me. I have been talking with David for almost 2 years now. He is my little pen pal. So go over to the new community bigbrotherhome to ask David a question.