September 8th, 2005


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I got an interview with BB5's Diane now. If you have questions for her. Please go to bigbrotherhome check out the post for her interview questions. I will be posting all of the interviews in the new community. Diane said she would fill out the questions tomorrow. I will just send it to her on Friday. So please send it in. If I don't get much questions I will make up some. I have some I put down already. :)
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A little nerd herd bashing...

I've noticed, watching the feeds, that the NH spends a lot of time talking about how "real" their friendship is and how they have a real and true bond - unlike the S6. I've also noticed that the only thing they talk about is the other houseguests. How "real" can your friendship be when all you have in common is bashing other people? Does anybody really think that April, Ivette, and Maggie are going to have any sort of close friendship out of the house?

Sure, they will have a bond of going through the experience with one another, but I don't believe for a second that they will stay so "close." It is much easier for me to see Kaysar, Howie, Michael, and Janelle hanging out.

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ive been thinking about the summer of secrets, and basically how lame it has been. to me there havent been any real interesting secrets. sure the pairs was a good idea, but within the first week almost everyone had figured it out.

ive decided that the biggest surprise/secret is how people are percieved, especially when it comes to their jobs. when the houseguest were first revealed i really liked eric and maggie. and im sure a big part of it was the fact that they are a firefighter and nurse. there are certain professions which will always have a soft spot in my heart. yet in the end they turned out to be the most disgusting players in my opinion. i couldnt believe the numerous times, eric especially talked down to those they are/were supposed to be helping.

where as for me at first i didnt think i would like janelle, and yet she has turned out to be one of my favorites. i didnt think someone who worked at a place where they dressed in lingerie all the time would be a real competitor.

also look at kaysar who turned out to be americas sweetheart (canada's too). yet i was sure in the beginning he would be out simply because of his race. although i didnt agree with that, i had a feeling people would view him as a "terrorist". which is a horrible thing, but you know what its happening to tons of people.

what do you guys think? have there been anybody who at the beginning you thought would do well/ or not, because of their profession, physical characteristics, or anything.

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from aprils hoh blog:

Oh yeah, on behalf of "The Friendship" I need to apologize to America for a return on their present (Kaysar), we could tell this week when Janelle won America's Choice (phone call from Michael) that America wasn't happy with us. The only reason for Kaysar going home was for strategy, we loved him.

You think we dont like you because you evicted Kaysar again????   You are delusional arent you? lol

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For those of you who are impatient like me & can't wait 3 more hours to find out what happens on tonights episode, IM mandelionlaptop or addicted2u105 & we'll invite you into the chatroom :D

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here's to the summer of secrets

so officially - summer doesn't end until the twenty-first.
and since - (to my knowledge) - they haven't shown the sequester house - maybe they aren't all sequestered together. and someone else can come back again.

i'm just as disappointed as you guys with the secrets.
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Hi. I need Help with Feeds.

I payed for the whole season and when I went to go on just now it said.

Sorry, but to watch CBS BIG BROTHER 24/7, you'll need to first

Make sure that you have the RealPlayer installed on your computer.
Get the RealPlayer

Sign in to your SuperPass account to watch the live feeds and chat.
Sign in to SuperPass here

Once you have installed the RealPlayer and have signed in to SuperPass:
Click here to continue in RealPlayer

I have it. I keep signing it but it keeps going to that.

Anyone know the problem?

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How funny is it that Maggie (Ivette's Gf) hates Ivette's obsession with Cappy? I LOVED that she was totally bashing Cappy, and saying she just doesn't understand.

THEN she says how much she likes Janelle? I was like "Can this get any better?" lol... and then, it did. When she said that she thinks Ivette is jealous of Janelle.


I think I actually like Ivette's Girlfriend.. other than the fact that she's with Ivette.

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You know, I was thinking today - Janelle will likely not win the big mulah, but really, if I were her I'd be happy enough to go home - she's already won that freakin' huge tv and that awesome vacation, not to mention the love and adoration of all her fans. Not to mention the fact that she's already a model and will probably get lots of appearances and whatnot (more than the real game-winner, I'd think, considering who they've got to choose from).