September 4th, 2005


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Does anyone have photos like this one of the houseguests. Also do you have other single photos of them. They are kind of like the ones that are on the website of them in their indivdual photos but they are different. You know like the ones they show in the house on the wall.
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Highlights and Predictions

What were some of your favorite moments from Big Brother 6 and what are your predictions for the final 2?


-Discovering the gold room

-Cappy getting evicted

-Ivette's emotional breakdowns

-Jen getting evicted after back stabbing Keysar


-Howie will go this week

-Janelle will go after him :(

-Next is Ivette

-Final 2--April and Maggie


**Question--has the third safe in the gold room been opened yet? If not I think I know what might be inside. And if I'm right--it could have a huge effect on the game**

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Does anyone else who watches the feeds or read the feeds ever get really really really REALLY upset by how some of the contestants (ie: The Friendship) are portrayed on tv versus how they actually are in the house?