September 3rd, 2005


questions and comments

Opinions, Questions, and Comments on the show.....

Does anyone else think Beau is dumb as a rock and has no personality? He has the stupidest comments in the diary room. When asked questions from Julie, his answers seem soo immature and infantile. "I would say Howie, cause his stuff is everywhere.... no I take that back, Janelle, because her stuff is everywhere". On a show where people are cast because of their personalities, one wonders how he got cast. Im sure there were plenty other couple's out there who auditioned that would have been A LOT more interesting then Beau and Ivette. And from one gay man to another, that hat he was wearing last night was HIDDEOUS!

At the end of the episode last night, Julie made a comment on our thoughts being with the people of New Orleans. Do you think the housequests are told anything about that. I started watching the show last year, so I dont know EXACTLY what they did on Sept 11th. Wasnt there someone in the house who lost a loved one in the attacks? If that's true, they had to have been told something. I just don't know the details of that instance.

Did anyone else think the Rachael and Jen in the Jury House segment sounded VERY scrpited. Like they had producers there saying "okay, Jen, when Rachael says.... blah blah blah..... we want you to roll your eyes"
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Question about this week's nominations

Hi all, I've been watching BB on and off and finally caught up with it again tonight. I'm confused about one aspect of the nomination/veto process from tonight's episode: Read more...Collapse )

Sorry if this question is really stupid; I haven't watched for weeks and this is my first time watching American BB (being from England and having just moved to Canada). Thanks for reading. :)
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Summer of Secrets?????

Ok, is anyone dissapointed about the "Summer of Secrets"????

When i first heard that i thought of big twists every week. The houseguests going "woah" atleast once a week. I was expecting "ha ha there's no Veto this week" or something other than what they have had!!

They had the pairs, but that was old fast since everyone figured it out so quickly.
Then the money if the pairs won. Big woop. Survivor, Amazing Race all do it for a million. It's about time BB did too!
Then AC with someone coming back. But that was old when he was back out the door the next week.

And besides the double evictions... what else was there? Am i missing something?

Where's the big secret???? Where's the secret that makes us shocked as hell!!!

I know what i would love!!!! America is the jury!!!! Not the ones in sequester!


My Impersonation Beau:
"Its all good, ya know, you gotta do what you gotta do, ya know? so, yeah, ya know, you gotta do what you gotta do, ya know"


My Dream Episode:

Julie Chen: "Nice to meet you Ivette"

Ivette: "Nice to meet you too, Julie"

Julie: "So you survived 60-some days in the house, congratulations. Must have been hard, all that crying and whinning sure got on America's, and my nerves. Well, Ivette, as you know, this IS the Summer of Secrets..... and ..... We have a secret for you"

Ivette: "No way!?"

Julie: "Ivette........ AMERICA HATES YOU. America is completely on Howie and Janelle's side. They could all care less about your girlfriend, your ghetto slide, or your friendship with James. Thats right Ivette...... All of AMERICA IS ROOTING FOR JANELLE TO WIN, CAUSE THEY HATE YOU!

Ivette just cries as Julie sits there guarding the tissues and laughing at her!!

......One can dream can't he?