Ways to Know If You're Addicted to Big Brother.

1. You find yourself humming the "Sponser" song while going about your daily life.
2. You know exactly how much a green M&M is worth.
3. You're sick to death of Joe Vance and Lonnie Moore, and you've never even met them.
4. You've used the words "Showmance," "Homance," "Flirtmance," or "Bromance" in your every day life.
5. You're actually very curious to know what slop tastes like.
6. The date "August 22nd" holds special meaning for you.
7. You, personally, got together with, broke up with, and got back together with Will that day he was talking to YOU PERSONALLY on the backyard cam. (And you gave him a shoulder massage).
8. You're familiar with who Cory, Jonah, Cinnamon, Miss Kitty, and Keith are.
9. You still faintly hear the ringing of the HOH doorbell when you try to fall asleep.
10. You told your friends and family they can have you back on 9/13.
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I finally got around to getting the 24/7 feed and I'm really happy about it and I'm really enjoying it- I feel sort of like a stalker though because I heard Janelle talking about her Boob job and I saw Will touching himself and those are just weird things to hear somebody actually admit and actually see somebody doing.
Maybe it's just weird because on TV I've always only been able to see them under one light of things and now I get to see how they actually are.

I guess this means I'll actually have a lot more to talk about on my end- hooray:)
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Anyone have any James icons that I can lovingly admire and possibly steal :) ?