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new member

<lj-cut text="New Member Survey!">
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<center><big>Getting to Know You</big></center>
<b>Name:</b> Sara
<b>Age:</b> 20
<b>Location:</b> Jacksonville, Florida
<b>Sex:</b> Female
<b>Hobbies:</b> Sleeping, eating, music
<b>Favorite Movies, Bands, Etc:</b> Movies are The Notebook & Fight Club (complete opposites, right??)
<b>Picture of Yourself:</b> HERE
STYLE="filter:shadow(color=cyan, strength=5)"><TR><TD><center><big>Big Brother Stuff</big></center></TABLE></center>
<b>Do you have a favorite season? If so explain what makes it your favorite:</b> Not really, I actually really enjoyed season 4 a lot.
<B>Who is your favorite housequest of all time?</b> WILL
<b>Who is your least favorite houseguest of all time?</b> Nakomis. She bores me.
<b>How many seasons of Big Brother have you watched?</b> 4
<b>Any favorite moments in the big brother house?</b> I love when Will & Boogie do the phone convo
<b>Have a favorite challenge the housequests had to do?</b> No
<b>Funniest thing you remember a housequest doing:</b> I liked when Chicken George used to dye his hair a bunch of colors
<b>Would you ever want to be on Big Brother?</b> I have a current application.
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