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What Erika had to say when she was HoH



I want to start off my blog by thanking all the people that voted me back into the BIG BROTHER house. I was truly shocked and very flattered that you wanted to see me as part of a BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS cast. I really appreciate you all giving me this opportunity again and I hope that I have not let you down.

This has been a very difficult season for me....MUCH harder than the first time around. My rib injury set the tone for how difficult this was going to be for me. I was in pain for a good two weeks, plus I was also on SLOP which made it much more difficult. By the way, The SLOP is HORRIBLE!!!!! I have lost a tremendous amount of weight because of the two weeks that I was on it. To make matters worse this week we are only allowed to eat meat this week which will only make me lose MORE weight!!! UGH!! I can't win!! :(

I really miss my LIFE. This house really gives you a greater appreciation for all of them. I know my brother Derek is probably going crazy!!! I know how stressful it must be for him to continually see me on the block!!! I know he is my number one fan along with my mom and I ALWAYS think of the last thing he said to me before they took me away. He said, "Go win it this time." I really hope I can.

Well, I know I don't have to explain any of my strategic moves to you all since you see I'm signing off!!

Thanks again!
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