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Just my opinion. What do you all think??

Just my opinion. What do you all think??

This is what I see and if it is true a lot of things that Erika and Boogie have been doing make since.

Erika and Boogie are REALLY in an alliance together. and to the end. It is no secret that they have been dating outside the BB house for awhile. Also Boogie mentioned that in his season, Will choose the money over their friendship. Will has said that he is in it too win the money for Boogie, so Boogie would not hesitate to get rid of Will. They may be friends and business partners, but they both see it as a game and obviously did not hold any hard feelings from the last time.

So if my theory is correct... Boogie is not worried about babysitting Erika, so that is why he didn't rush up to the HOH room when Danielle freaked. Will was the one that had to be worried, because if Danielle was successful he (Will) would most likely be put up. In Will's mind it will be he and Boogie in the final two (unless he is reconsidering taking Janie). But Boogie is taking Erika to the final two. As gross as they are together (I feel bad for them when they read these feeds humiliating!), I truley believe they are playing WILL and are using him until the end.
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