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I got this off of a message bored.

I didnt do this, just got this off a message but but wanted to post it for people who actually hope for one reason or another that Jan and Will will hook up.

1. When W&J started flirting , yes it was strategy, but has turned into more. Last couple of weeks showed that, ecspecially last night.
2. No one acts like that towards the opposite sex( w/SO on the outside waiting) as part of there startegy. at least they do not take it as far as W&J have. Can't say they care as much about SO's if they do. No one would risk their relationship as part of a strategy if they really cared.
3. There is this little show called...Survivor, with these ppl called ROB & AMBER, who used a very similar strategy at first. Were bored, needed to pass time, and needed to insure the votes for themselves. Lest see, Rob asked Amber to marry him before winner was announced and now they are, I do believe, living very happily ever after.
4. Look at Wills face when he looks at Jani, laughs with Jani, plays with Jani, and just simply catches a few strat stares no and then, HIS FACE LIGHTS UP. Watch when he does same with other HG. He does not have same warmness to his face.
5. Look at the way he touches her, doesn't do that with other HG.
6. Ppl keep saying "well erin was on Love or Money she will understand, she had to do it." Hello, she was single had to flirt and act that way to see if she had a spark with potential future mate. No spark, no relationship, no money for Erin. I am sorry but no GF/BF would understand what W&J have developed. Sorry but it is human nature.
7. Oh and by the way Dani, you are not looking out for Erin, you are a liar. Two days ago wanted Will gone for James' PB. So don't tell Will she is looking out for Erin and trying to keep them apart. You only said that cause you think he is going to keep you and he doesn't want to be with Jani alone. You pretend to have his back, but the only back you think you have is yourself. FYI Jani & Will want to be alone. that is why they didn't come out last night to HotTub when you told him too. What you think you are his Mother.
8. To Dani also, according to You didn't you say you told Will to go up to HOH and "make Jani fall in love with you". So if you really have Erins back why would you have said that in first place then.
9. By the way Dani's plan worked so well that theyhave both fallin seriously in deep like if not love.
10. One last thought, in beginning Will said keep Jani to point , then boot her out. well on last nights show in DR, no less(np need for an act here), He said he needed to win POV take Jani off block to save both himself and Jani and keep them in game. Plus when Jani won, Boogie and Will(a lot Will, he actually danced ), openly celebrated. Tell me things aren't changing just a Bit for W & J.
11. Oh P.S.S. last night when Erika & Boogie woke up W & J in HOH they all decided to cuddle(all 4) and in a sleepy voice Will said "I know Baby, they are bugging me too." It was so cute because it was natural. Usually just calls her sweetie.
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