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If anybody was actually wondering:
A.)"Does Mike Boogie really like Erika"
B.)"Does Erika really like Boogie?"
C.)"Does Janelle really like Will?"
D.)"Does Will really like Janelle?"

A.) He admits to Dani that he is only using her but does not even want to see her in the final three.
B.) Erika really likes Boogie but she claims she wont see him outside of the house because after going over his work schedule she sees he works too much and wouldn't have enough time for her. She seemed a little sad talking about this to Jani.
C.)She claim she doesn't like Will and wouldn't date a guy like him- but she thinks he's cute. But she has a 300lbs boyfriend back home who plays baseball she says.
D.) Mike believes WIll is falling for Jani. Will has been detaching himself from other house members and spending more and more alone time with Jani. Mike say's he's worried she got inside his head and he really likes her but he doesn't want to believe he'd ditch him for her in the game.

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