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r u l e s

no godmoding.
Please discuss your plots with other players. That's what the OOC community is for.

adult or triggering situations go behind a cut, with a warning.
This community is not for NC-17 material such as explicit sex or graphic violence. Of course, this is a comic book dressing room, so "graphic violence" may be difficult to define. As a guideline, consider that a fight is probably going to be par for the course, but a torture scene may not be. When in doubt, LJ-cut and warn. You may link to NC-17 scenes in your own journal or elsewhere with proper warnings.

use tags.
Pretty please!

in character actions = in character consequences.
If you play a villain openly doing villainous things, you should expect to encounter superheroes doing superheroic things. The terminal does have its own security force (see information on setting); murderous and/or destructive rampages, as well as action which may significantly affect the setting (which is naturally resistant to most such things, see the information post), must be accompanied by an OOC post for discussion and planning.

comic book characters only.
Characters from any series by any comic book publisher are welcome. Animated or movie versions of comic book characters are also permissible. Anime, manga, and web comics are not.

canon AUs are okay.
Versions of characters from What If? or Elseworld titles are fine. Characters from Ultimate!Marvel or any of DC's 52 earths are fine. AU concepts such as might be found in fan-fic (genderswapping, what if A had happened instead of B, etc.) are not. These concepts are completely okay to explore while in play and under temporary circumstances, but a character for whom these effects would be permanent will not be allowed. It is also acceptable to take a character from a canon point before or after what is currently in continuity (for instance, Layla Miller before she went to the future, or the adult Damian Wayne from Batman #666).

multiple versions of a character are okay.
While it is preferable that each version is distinguishable through canonical means from one another, multiples are acceptable. Please use your discretion, and keep in mind that you are more likely to receive attention using unique characters.

post format is flexible.
Both narrative and quicklog/spam style are allowed. Past or present tense is up to the OP. People with basic literacy problems may be asked to leave.
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