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__beayoutiful's Journal

we`re beaYOUtiful.
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This community is not for rating or blinkies or any other of your "average" communities. This community is for GiRLS to come and be GiRLS. cuz i was thinking and all girls are soo mean to each other !! we should stick together, man. so we created this community for girls to come and share hair, makeup, nail, face, clothes & any other kinda "GiRL STUFF" tips with each other. you can come here & talk to anybody about your boyfriend that just dumped you ( or your girlfriend :D ) & talk about how you just found out your mom has a drug problem ( happened to me last year, its not something you wanna do alone ;[ ) so come here and be YOURSELF !! a BEAYOUTiFUL GiRL !! <3333


1 ; drama will NOT be tolerated. this is for us girls to come & be friends, not enemies.
2 ; as of now, we dont want "friends only" posts, cuz we want people to come here and see what we're about. this could change, maybe.
3 ; try not to type like this "LyKe St@y BeAYOUt!fUl, c0Z liiKe TDaTz qOoDDD". i dont mind, "dis iz da __beaYOUtiful community for girlz" cuz that is readable.. but the above shit is just a no. sorry if that offends you.
4 ; please put "we are beaYOUtiful" in your post once & awhile just so we know at ONE time, you have read the rules.
5 ; in one of your first posts or along the way at least, put in your AiM or AOL name b/c a girl may need someone to talk to right away b/c of something in her life.. and posts dont always get read according to our feelings.
6 ; please be open to everyones opinions, if you dont like the fact that "Sally" is a cutter, dont hate on "Sally" (also see rule 1), b/c "Sally" already obviously dislikes herself enough to harm herself, she doesnt need anyone saying "that is gross". that is just an example. but do you get it ?
7 ; PLEASE. this is not a promoting community. take it to an actual promo community. once in a while, sure promote something. but alllll the time? NO.
8 ; if you have any ideas or suggestions, leave it in a post. not a comment please.
9 ; keep in mind, this is NOT ONLY a tip place. you can talk about anything here. this is NOT a judgemental community.
10; we just cannnot stress it enough : NO DRAMA !!!!! please ! take your hating elsewhere. ;D

if i didnt fill in an interest ,in the interest area, you share, tell me. <3


CHRiSSY (_fr3ak )and EMiLY ( _prettyful ). if you think you have something to offer the community (which of course you do) and you think being a mod is for you contact one of us. we will all discuss it and see. but, we dont wanna have 20 mods & like 30 members. you know ?