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I don't like the texture of  lipstick and I'm not a fan of lip gloss either. Does anyone have any suggestions for lip wear? Something long-lasting? Maybe a more hydrating type of lipstick? 

I'd appreciate any suggestions anyone may have. Thanks!


OMG IM FREAKING OUT, I had been up 24 hours and fell asleep on the couch after my many stresses and I went and looked in the mirror and my eyes look swollen with huge almost purplish lines under them and I never looked like this before. IF IT'S ONE THING I AM I'M VAIN! HELPPPPPPPP!


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im getting a haircut at 8:15, and I really like Rihanna's[sp?]  hairstyle, its really pretty, and I used to have a style sorta like it so i know it wouldnt look horrible.
I cannot find ANY pictures to show my hair dresser!!!!
Does ANYONE have any links, or pictures they can upload, or send to me before 8? PUHLEASEPUHLEASEPUHLEASE!!!!  it doesnt have to be her exact style either, just something like it.

can you either comment with the link/picture here or email me?
my email is

pleasepleasepleaseeeeeeeeeee :[

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Hey I've been apart of this community for a while but i've never really posted. But I do need some help

Proms on Thursday and I have no clue what i'm doing with my makeup. I just want to do some pretty eyeshadow but not too drastic. I don't want anything too much because my face can't handle a lot of makeup

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Alright. I dye my hair..alot.
And ive gotten pretty good at taking care of it, likes it not all dried out/gross whatever. lol.
BUT!! i recently went black, for some unknown reason.
normally i stick to like wild colors, lol. and i reallllyyyyy want to bleach the black out cause for my birthday/christmas and stuff my friends brought me blue/pink/purple and other colors, and i wanna finally use them...but the hairplace is being annoying. so i need to find a bleach that will work.
anyone have any good brands or anything?

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okay so i color my hair really dark so you can like see the dye on my skin around my hair line and it's really bad. does anyone know anything that gets rid of it? if you do please help.

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okay so im trying to stop biting my nails. does anyone know of anything that will make them grow pronto? if so hellpppp! =]
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Does anybody know of any sites that have dress patterns? Ive got my Formal coming up and I've got this really wicked fabric that I'd love to make a dress out of, but I can't seem to find any decent patterns. Any help is appreciated :)