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i'm to sexy for my shirt

so sexy it hurts

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accessories, acoustic guitars, art, bags, ballons, beauty, being different, being lame, being misunderstood, being weird, black and white pictures, black nailpolish, books, bracelets, brandon boyd, bubble gum, bubbles, california, canada, cell phones, chinese food, cinema 23, computers, converse, cookies, cuddling, customizing, dancing in the rain, dancing in the street, dave mirra, design, digital cameras, donnie darko, donuts, drawing, duct tape, earrings, easter eggs, eternal sunshine, eyes, fans, fashion, fishnets, flamingos, friends, garden state, glasses, glenfield, glue, going to the movies, goth, greenday, happy bunny, high school, holding hands, hot topic, html, hugs, ice cream, ice skating, incubus, james hetfield, jared leto, jena malone, jon heder, kissed, kurt cobain, kurt halsey, lemons, livejournal, love, machine, masages, mascara, mental hippie blood, metallica, montclair high school, movies, music, my chemical romance, nailpolish, napoleon dynamite, new york city, nine inch nails, nirvana, pancakes, panda bears, paper clips, passing notes, pay it forward, peanutbutter and bananas, pearl jam, penis, phones, photography, photos, pictures, piercings, pink, pins, placebo, poetry, poets, polka dots, popcorn, radios, rain, rating, rem, requiem for a dream, rubber bands, scrunchies, sharpies, shoelaces, shoes, shopping carts, shows, sissors, slamming doors, snapple, socks, spun, stars, stick figures, stickers, sublime, sunrise, sunset, telephones, the 80's, the breakfast club, the hangman's curse, the manchurian candiate, the virgin suicides, the zoo, thirteen, tights, travis pastrana, velvet revolver, white out, wind up robots, window art, writing.