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Hey guys, I would really love some help from everybody here.   It will only take two seconds, I promise.

I'm playing a game on livejournal where I am in the top three and I really want to win because I've worked so hard on it so far.

The only way I can win this round and make it to the final two is if I get enough people to fill out the poll and click my name (halo_of_thorns).

It would help me out alot and I would adore you.

Please, Please, Please.

The poll is here:

(this is cross-posted so I apologise if anybody happens to be in two of the same rating communities as me)



Ok. Well I've tried. I did. But I can't force anyone to do anything.
Aparently only one other person cares.

So this community is CLOSED and will be deleted on Feb 18th if no one else wants to have a go at it. If you do, just comment here.


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