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With love

Dont be ashamed of who you are ♥ cause im not ashamed of who you are.

Just be your Beautiful♥self
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☆The first 5 members are automatically accepted☆


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*THEME* : The theme of this community is "be yourself" all are allowed to post pictures, tell your problems, just whatever. Rant if u must. <3

Fill out the application form at the bottom
You must Post the application 48hrs after joining or you will be REJECTED
If you are rejected you can apply again after a week
Do NOT post or comment on any entry other than your own application until you have been accepted.
One the subject line put "All thats Left is nonsence"
Put your application behind a Lj cut
Answer & Bold ALL questions. AND MAKE YOUR ANSWERS SNAPPY and worth reading!
You will be judged on your personality and looks
Both girls and guys are allowed to apply





Credit for banners <3__request_me

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