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Hello my dears! I just wanted to plug a Beatles-related community of mine here, see if some of you might be interested.
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Nothing Is Real is a Beatles role play community! It partly deals with mature themes, which is why we are friends only, but you can of course join just to read the threads. We are open to gen, het and slash. AUs are accepted, but not original characters. The game is mostly centred around the Beatles but any character even loosely connected with the 60s or 70s art scene is welcome, really.

It's a 'no strings attached' sort of role play which basically means that you can apply for as many characters as you want, Beatles, Beatles wives or friends and there can be as many players as we want, even for the same characters. You can also choose your time and space span, build it up through several threads or jump from one thing to the other freely. It fact it isn't a well-built rp as much as a den, a place for you to meet other role players and start threads freely with the ones you like.

If you are interested in role playing in the Beatles universe, don't be scared to have a look around at the rules and introduction posts, an PM me if you have any questions! Role playing is pretty much like reading/writing fan-fiction, except that you do it with one or several other people, which is always good fun, unexpected and stimulating. Hoping to see you around!


Hey I just thought I'd mention beatle_rating here. If you like stamping and want to know if you are a John, Paul, George, Ringo, or even a wife or a Brian, you should join. And right now we're having a themed application for the Beatle girls! We're trying to get the community more active again, so it should be fun!


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Hello! I'm the mod over at thebeatleworld, a Beatles Slash RP.

And we recently just lost our Jane Asher, unfortunately.

So, of course, we need a replacement. Email me at, or IM me at JamesPMacca if you think you might be interested. Please, we need a Janey.

Go look at the profile of thebeatleworld for more information about the RP, and if you haven't already looked at it be sure to check it out! And for all the fans, I know we've been slow with updating lately, but we're not dead just yet.

Thank you in advance.