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so anxious. my bday is on thurs., and I'm supposed to go to the beach but i left my wetsuit in Tampa, and my bathing suit has a hole in it cos its so damn old. lol. looks like I'm gonna freeze myself to death. lol. and my ex is being a total butthead!!! anyways, long story short I hate him and I'm not talking to him. well hope u guys enjoy the community. later gators.

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    first 7 apps auto-ACCEPTANCE!!!_nxtopmodel

  • barfday pics

    I dont know why theyre all like 5 different sizes. Oh wait, yeah I do...I'm a fucking idiot. The End...

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    Wow this room is dead. I'm gonna make it to were anyone can join they after awhile I'll make it to where you have to request it. So If your not…

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