leonbm (leonbm) wrote in __beachloverz,

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Location:san diego california
Why you want to join this community: because were surfers

Food: pizza
Color: blue
Movie: space balls
Song: rape me
Band: nirvana
Brand: quicksilver
T.V. Show: the simpsons
Anything else you want us to know: I drive an old vw squareback old surfers car

Do you have a surf board: got two , one 7 ft hybred and an 8ft foamie floater , hahah
If yes, What kind: the hybred is a 700 dollar murphy made locally and the otherone I do not know it was a handme down
Long/Short board: short/ long

Pic: (atleast one pic that must show your face) I will get a pic of my face later do not have one , I am in Japan right now on a job trip no accss to pics till I get back
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