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Home of the Classical Ballerinas

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Welcome to the Home of the Classical Ballerinas! This community is for ballet dancers. This is THE place for dancers to interact, post inspiring quotes/pictures/stories, or just have fun and discuss what we all love: BALLET.

There are a couple of rules here that all members are required to follow. If you fail to respect the rules, action will be taken.

1. Constructive criticism is allowed when commenting on pictures of members. However, please do not bash each other on their level of technique. (IE: 'You have the suckiest feet ever.', 'Ugggh, you have HORRIBLE technique')

2. Please LJ-cut all of your photographs. If you do not understand how to do so, please click here.

3. Hotlinking is frowned upon. Please register for a Photobucket account. Its free, and it doesn't take too long. If we catch you hotlinking you will have 3 days to upload it to your own server. We will remove the picture if you do not do so.

4. Please do not post messages and/or pictures containing distasteful content. You will be banned immedietely.

5. PLEASE DO NOT PROMOTE OTHER COMMUNITIES, ESPECIALLY RATING COMMUNITIES! If caught posting promotions, you will be warned. If you continue to do so, you will be banned. No exceptions.


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