Terra Musica finali

7 июня 2010 года в рамках Международной творческой мастерской Юрия Абдокова в заполненном до отказа Театральном зале Московского Международного Дома Музыки состоялся уникальный концерт, в котором наряду с лучшими московскими музыкантами, артистами ведущих столичных театров и испанской труппы «Corella Ballet» - участвовали самые яркие выпускники МГАХ 2010 года. Зрители познакомились с творчеством воспитанников МГАХ - Кирилла Радева и Константина Семенова. Концерт имел огромный успех у слушателей и большой общественный резонанс. Предлагаем лишь малую толику документальных материалов, касающихся этого проекта.

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je reviens

taking classes at different schools - pros and cons

i'm currently taking class twice a week at my university. it's a really good class, but i'm not a dance major, and the continuing classes are only offered to dance majors. there are a couple of studios in my city, but neither of them offer a class at my level more than once a week. i would really like to keep at the 2x/week (at least), so i was thinking of taking a class at one studio on tuesday nights and at the other studio on thursday nights.

i was curious about peoples' experiences with doing this. was it a good experience to get different view points or did you find your body getting confused about what to do?

any input would be greatly appreciated! thanks!!


Diaghilev's 'Russian Seasons' In Paris

One hundred years ago this month impresario Sergei Diaghilev presided in Paris over the first of his 'Russian Seasons', the results of which were to cause one of the most profound revolutions ever in the world of dance. The 'Russian Seasons' have brought Russian culture to the attention of everyone.

Ballet companies all around the world are marking this anniversary with festivals and special performances. This month Diaghilev’s troupe is back to Paris!