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Crackers United

Someones Always Gotta Story

Crack Heads-Disco-and-Summer time Sleeeze
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<This Community is open to anyone..We need more people to join and share stories about anything you want that of course is in the category of crackyness..Ive been away and outta reality for a minute but im hopeing to bring this community back up to 100% if it even was ever close...so pull together now and help us out!!

Its an undeniable obsession

Anything about anything
Pictures (cam whores welcomed) Always love those artistic sexy pics
Stoner Stories..if you can remember..we all have trouble
Adventures you;ve had we've all had a few
Art work
((any post with pics make sure you use a lj-cut))
icons, banners, any promotions (dont get carried away though)
Can you drink more than most people?
Lush Whores..can you admit youre one?

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