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forward thinking, retro acting.

chart up your insides publishing.

subway literature.
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we, lane myer, z.z. ziff, and michelle tanner, run an underground newspaper we like to call avant garde.
sure, it's not great.
but hey, we're into it and you might as well be, too.
so please, show your patronage. pick up the latest issues, read em, use em to scoop the dog's nonsense with, light them on fire, or build an ambitious paper fort.

write into our advice column, suggest changes, add praise, request merchandise, or get free pins by contacting us at our chartupyourinsides@yahoo.com.

issues will be distributed at coffee houses around northern new jersey, and a few in new york. look for them at shows. if you're not in the area and are interested, sign up for a subscription via our email address.