help! layout problem

hello. i have a problem with my community's layout. take a look >>> foodicontest <<< i'm concerned about the look of entries, the icon is touching the text and it looks awful. i was wondering if it's possible to simply hide the icon & username, leaving more space for the text. turning off the display of user icons on the 'customize journal style' page doesn't really work here, as the username is still visible. i have no idea how could i fix that. do you?

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my layout is a mess. it's really simple, but it's totally unaligned. and it's been that way forever. is there some way to fix this? i don't know what i'm doing wrong, because i've tried many things already with no luck. i just want the whole thing centered (and not overlapping) about 100 pixels from the very top of the page (and aligned! heh.) on all my pages (friends, etc). i'm sure this is easy to do but i'm totally at a loss.
oh, and i'm using generator with a free account.

help? :(

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i've recently updated to a paid account and was just wondering how i can modify the 'viewing most recent entries' navigation at the bottom of the page, as well as the way what i'm currently listening to is displayed.

my journal is set to generator btw.

thanks :]
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Just a really quick and simple question. Can anyone tell me the code for a quote box? I completely forgot how to do it. Thanks. :)
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Messy overrides

After a year and a half, I decided that I needed to fix my overrides, since my hosting site deleted my account and my header was no more, and minor errors have been popping up. I'm trying to figure this out again, but I can't for the life of me remember how to do this. Also, I don't know if the overrides are just incorrect, since it seems that I can't make any changes.

in the past, I was able to have someone look at my overrides and show me what to change. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to look at them again.


tag-related layout override question


I use several merged overrides on my lj (S1, Generator) (see scrollbox for the entirety of the overrides) and am dissatisfied with my tags page which looks like something from the Dark Ages of html coding.

Is there any way (any override?) to make it - especially the header (or lack thereof) - look similar to my lj layout? Is there also a way to make the individual tag pages look better, too?

I'd appreciate any help. So much. Thanks!

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Generator Questions

Hi! I'm new to the community. I've looked all over and I'm hoping someone here can help me. My layout is Generator.

My questions:
Can I have a header, positioned anywhere I want to?
Is it possible for me to override the font size and type?
Could someone please give me the override to that?

Thanks very much!

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My journal title text (top left nav box) was black. It changed to white.
I hadn't been changing anything related to the nav box when it changed which has me quite confused, and it's set to black in the look and feel section.

Could somebody tell me what I did/how to change it back?
It's probably staring at me but I just can't work it out.


Layout Help


I have the standard header image (coded as a background image) and entry boxes up right now (using S1 Generator). How would I go about coding my entries so that, as I scroll down, they scroll behind my header image, and the header image remains fixed (kind of like frames work)?