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This is a safe haven for all Arwen Lovers, and those who oppose the silly reasons for Arwen Hate. Join, be merry, and love the greatest Queen of Gondor!

Weekly themes: Feel free to join in our weekly themes of debate, discussion, art, literature, anything! :) We post a theme, you go from there. Please place all images larger than icon size (100x100) behind an LJ-cut, to save bandwidth on friends' pages. :D

Members: Please do not troll anti_arwen.. We do not need drama going on between these two communities. We've struck a pact, and we intend on keeping that pact. They may have their random trolls, we may have ours, but at least they aren't each other. Thank you!

Those who are Anti-Arwen: This is not a war. We do not spend our time here to make you angry. We have nothing against you. We like making friends and talking over things that spark debate. But we do so in a friendly manner. We do, however, oppose most of your reasons for not liking the character of Arwen. They seem petty, or unchangeable, or all out ridiculous. Those who show good reason are respectable, and are told so. If you wish to give the name Arwen-Hater a bad name, then please make a nasty comment. You will only add fuel to the fire.

Trolls who have no reason to even comment: Isn't it funny how you create fun in your life by bullying others? Go on, prove your tastelessness. It's enjoyed. Go find a community that is based on trolling where you can thrive among your kind. :)

Your friendly mods are:
If you wish to be a co-mod please notify one of the above, and we will be more than welcome to discuss it with you! :)