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Arwen and Feminism

I was thinking about how Arwen is seen in The Lord of the Rings and I've realized that when people talk about Lord of the Rings and feminism, Arwen is never mentioned as a role model for women. Personally, I think it's ridiculous. After all, she makes her own decisions, she is respected by her people, and she lives the life she's chosen. Nobody forces her to do so. It's always her choice. So, why do people think she's not an example of feminism? Because she doesn't go into battle? That doesn't mean she doesn't have that ability (to fight)

So, my question for you, Arwen lovers, is: do you think Arwen can be regarded as an example of feminism or not? Why?
LOTR - Arwen  =)

Much ado about Arwen: Elven Princess

Let's resurrect this community!

I'm not sure whether many of you are still here @livejournal, but I recently joined this community (Arwen is my favourite female character from LOTR, and favourite character from lotr in general) and I wanted to share an article I read about Arwen and which I already posted at arwen_aragorn . It's very interesting, especially 'cause it shows that Arwen is more than what it seems, that she's not some useless princess. When somebody tells you "Arwen can't fight, Arwen can't do anything, blah blah blah" , you can point them to this article, written by someone called Michael Martinez, back in the year 2000.

I hope you like it!

She was often compared to her foremother Luthien, not just because she looked like Luthien, but because she was wise and well-learned in the lore of the ElvesCollapse )


Hey, Everyone, Have You Seen This?

A friend of mine sent out a link to the page with the trailers for the new fan movie "The Hunt For Gollum" and it looks awesome!


The blog link is here:


Dunno anything about it except what I read and saw online. The word is it's made by fans for fans, and will be released online May 3. Judging by the teasers and trailers it's going to be good. And even if it isn't professional quality, what do people want? It's a FAN production: a labor of love. Woohoo!
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Family tree?

This is my first post in this community, but anyway, that's not important.

I scrolled through the community when looking for nice Arwen icons (got a few, haven't uploaded yet), when I saw the post about the family tree.

Looks like I'm not the only one obsessed about Arwen's heritage.

Anyway I made a family tree a couple of days ago, showing her Elvish and Mortal ancestry. It shows just about everything but misses out some stuff, like Galadriel's brothers and Finwe's first wife and kids. But all the important things are there.

Just thought that you guys might like it. :)

The Noble Descent of Arwen and Aragorn Feel like changing it to "lineage", but too lazy.

(Well, since they're so obviously related, that can't be helped. And anyway I'm appalled at the intermarrying within the family. Notice Olwe and Elwe are on the extremes. It's actually easier to tape both ends together and create a circular family tree. When I first tried it, the same name (Tuor) was on both sides. Out of the entire family, the only smart one was Galadriel, who married someone not closely related to her already.)
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Hey, all. *waves*

Seeing as there didn't seem to be any comms/sites for the Aragorn/Arwen ship, I've started up this new community for A/A shippers on LJ--aragorn_arwen--for fanfic, icons, essays, art, and just fannish squeeing in general.

I've posted some fic there recently, and I'd love to see some other A/A shippers join up! *pimps comm shamelessly*
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