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Jurried Show in Minneapolis

The Argyle Zebra Gallery is hosting an Illustration and Comic Art Fair.
This is a juried forum for artists to show and sell their original comic art and illustrations. Walls will be available to rent in the gallery space to show and sell your original work. Book sales are also encouraged.
Deadline for entries will be extended as needed.
This show has been extended for an additional weekend.
For details www.theazgallery.org

Recruiter : Ray Caron
Apply by Email : caron55408[at]aol.com

so, i stumbled into that yesterday and it appears they are pretty cool. talk to them and all that and tell them that erik sent you

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Hello Everybody!

Under the cut:
A portrait of India Arie I made with paint.
A photgraph of two friends I took with a disposable camera.

Interesting side note: I accidentally dropped the camera in the ocean water after a big wave threw off my balance, thankfully, the film was unharmed.

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saddest fuckng turtle

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I'm a bit late this week: but I have a very small challnge for everyone: due next tuesday, as always.

We're trying something a little different for the end of this month: a character exchange!

So all you have to do is submit a character (of your own, or perhaps just something you'd like to see some art for), along with some links to show, or a description of the character.
depending on responses, I'll match em up and assign them next week; and then we'll have our very own little character exchange.

Coz theres nothing better than recieving art for x-mas. Or.. whatever holiday you celebrate. Or at all. ..er.