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__areyouready's Journal

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The Mods would like to welcome you to, __areyouready...this community isn't going to be like the rest. In this community we will respect eachother and have lots of fun. :) Are you ready?

Meet your Mods!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My names Jillarc_en_ciel_, and I am the founder of this community, you will love me greatly. :p
If you ever need me at all; you can email me at xlollicupx@sbcglobal.net
You may also find me on yahoo: xlollicupx@sbclgobal.net (you have to add the whole thing)
Or Aim:x a year short

Age: 16

Gender: female, obviously.

Sexuality: Lesbian.

Location: Reno, Nevada. (yes, i've seen reno 911, shuuuuddup, hah. everyone asks me that when I say where I'm from) Wish I lived back in Baltimore MD. My homecity and townnnn. and yeahh--state in general.

Hobbies: Uh, this computer. Bowling. Hanging with her sister, and Tara sometimes. Movies, the community. My journal, haha its so much of a hobbie you have no idea. Talking on the phone..

Occupation:Drop-out. (lots of complications with that, so don't ask. I wouldn't be able to explain) Currently trying to find a job, I need money!

Loves: Music, her Bubbie=electric_mole_x MEEMS, DURH DURH, she be the bestest. Becca, bang_sha_bang, my wonderful sister, luvinthemoon86 and so much more!

This is Kira,bemyheroine and she is one of the greatest people you'll ever know aswell. She'll be around most of the time, and her contact info is:


Age: 14

Gender: girl

Sexuality: straight

Location: new york

Hobbies: eating, photography & other forms of art

Occupation: student

Loves: music, big hair, being with the people i love

Ashley Rachel & Meems will also be here incase me or Kira can't get to it.

Meems,electric_mole_x will be making us layouts when she feels like it, :p. Shes the laid back type of mod, and just lurks around and stuff. :) But shes still the most awesomessttt Meems no less, contact her @ Aim: Pinkukillerasoko, and p.s. don't IM her asking for a layout, she won't do it.


Age: 16

Gender: female

Sexuality: Bi, but more on the straight side.

Location: MD

Hobbies: Sleeping, Computer, Dorky Things (HTML, Photoshopping, Games, Comics...)

Occupation: Student :O

Loves: Music, Friends, and the Computerr

Ashley! devious_angel13


age: 18

gender: female goodness

Sexuality: bisexual

Location: Connecticut

Hobbies: writing, bitching, painting, singing, spending time with friends and my Nick <3, talking to the bestest people online (Sherrie, Jill, Nikki), etc...

Occupation: nothing atm. currently looking for a job to do from home

Loves: my boyfriend Nick, my friends, most of my family LOL, my doggy, music, Paganism, and Roseanne...the best show that ever existed :::nods:::

Becca! bang_sha_bang
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
AIM: zombies like sex

Becca's amazing. She owns me. SHE OWNS EVERYONE. Just because shes Becca.


Age: Sixteen.

Gender: Like a lady.

Sexuality: Strictly dick.

Location: Maryland

Hobbies: Listening to The Smiths, dancing to Gravy Train, letting the computer make me blind because I'm on it so much, watching Ken park over and over again, and sex.

Occupation: Someone should burn down Paint Branch High School.

Loves: The Smiths, blankets when it's hot, bouncy ponytails, junior mints chapstick, yelling at Gay on the phone.

Please make Sure and Read the Rules!

1) We aren't like most rating communitys, we definatly won't ever let you bash someone. So, rule number one. No flaming, drama or rudness. Respect eachother.

2) Fill out the app, and make sure it is behind a lj-cut. If you need help with that, let me know. Otherwise you're app will be admediatly deleted to save you from flamings for screwing up peoples friends pages. You shouldn't have any problem anyway considering it is all right there for you, all you have to do is copy and paste.

3) If you promote us to 5 people you don't know, once accepted you get auto-accepts. Which means you can invite your friends and no matter how much people say yes or no. They get in anyway. Sound good? Or if you don't like someone, you can use an auto-reject and they get kicked out of the community.

4)You must be 14+ to apply. But no older than 30, thats weird for older people to be looking at young pics of girls and boys. You can be a boy or girl to apply.

5)You may not post on anyone else's application or post until you are accepted and stamped. If you get rejected you may try back in three days, if you get rejected again. Don't come back. MAKE ALL ENTRIES FRIENDS ONLY!

6)I'll make a post each week, when you can promote your own community, ask if you want to be sister communities or something along those lines. If you do any sort of promoting other than this day, your comment or post will be deleted and marked as spam. Promotions flooding up friends pages isn't cool. :p

7) We don't like you rejecting or accepting someone, and not giving a good reason. You must give a reason. Otherwise your comment won't count and if there is a tie the mods will decide. WHEN YOU VOTE MAKE SURE YOU PUT YES OR NO OR UNDECIDED IN THE SUBJECT LINE!

8)Put "I'm so ready" in the subject line so we know you read the rules. Otherwise how can we trust you to not break the rules?

9)Participate, and have a good time. ;) Everything should go swell. :)

10)Bare with us, being that we are a new community, we will take time to build up. New ideas will come your way, like themes, and other sorts of shiz. :)

11) Lastly, if you're a member getting in on an Auto-Accept please make sure that you put that you're autoaccepted at the top of your application, and then the user that got you in under an auto-accept. We Will Check! don't think you can get in easily by BSing an auto accept. ((but but if you don't know you're geting an auto accept, being that you're not on one of teh mods freinds list or one of your other friends list that is able to give you an auto accept. don't worry about it. ))

Note the app may change through time, I don't like reading the same thing over and over. So make sure you know that. :) The App shouldn't be that hard, if you mess up your app you might get hell for it cause theres nothing more simple than copying and pasting entries. Good Luck & Have lots of fun! :)

So make sure you do, we will have weekly checkups, and we love new applicants! I mean, comeon, you get to invite your friends and get auto-accepts/rejects. :p Fun stuff. We may get new banners for anyone who wants to make us someee. ;)


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-_jailbait Felix
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-helpful_worm Wesley
-evilpenguin999 Ron
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-_therunaway Kathryn
-human_tashinxx Toodie
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-_winkywink_ Erica
-fredxxisxxdead Hannah (2-autoaccepts/rejects)
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-pocky_for_kitty Danielle
-3am__lust Rachel (4 auto-accepts/rejects)
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-_niffa_ Niffa
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-_california___ Nicole
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-coinoperatd_boy Matt
-forgetthesong Becca
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-__yourkissalone Andrea
-siomania Siobhan
-x_brake_me_x Bee
-spankthepony Anaïs
_rarebeauty,& le_elite, & _tropicaldrink &


please check them out! a banner will come soon for them.