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it's all so cliche

i'll never leave. not even if you kill me]

icons by andrea_ms
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a cinderella story, a walk to remember, andy/nina, angel, angel/cordelia, avril, avril icons, blink 182, bon jovi, books, bowling, brad pitt, buffy, buffy/spike, bush sucks, catherine/grissom, clarice/hannibal, cold case, cold case icons, coldplay, colorbar, cookie monsters, cornershop, couples, creed, crossing jordan, csi, danny/aiden, daphne/fred, dark angel, davis/tru, declan/miranda, dido, eat, evanescence, fanart, fanfic, firefly, foo fighters, friends, garbage, gg icons, gilmore girls, grissom/catherine, hannibal, hannibal icons, hannibal/clarice, harm/mac, harry potter, harry potter icons, harry/hermione, holiday, house, house/cameron, icons, icq, internet, ivy/lucius, jack/kate, jag, jamie, jane/tarzan, java junkie, jonny was, jordan/woody, josh/donna, kate & leopold, kate/jack, kate/tony, kaylee/simon, kid abelha, lifehouse, lilly/scotty, lolita, lost, luke/lorelai, madonna, mandy moore, martin/sam, martin/samantha, max/logan, mcdonald's, michelle branch, miranda/declan, miss match, miss parker/jarod, monk/sharona, moulin rouge, movies, mpjr, mulder/scully, mysterious ways, ncis, nelly furtado, nick/sara, nikka costa, olivia/elliot, olsen twin, painting, pets, photoshop, proof of life, rachel/ross, reading, sam/martin, sara/nick, sarah mclachlan, satine/christian, scotty/lilly, seth cohen, sharona/monk, shopping, simon/kaylee, sister hazel, sixpence none the richer, skating, spuffy, summer, summer/seth, talking, tarzan, tarzan the series, tarzan/jane, the dead zone, the fifth element, the oc, the pretender, the village, tony/kate, tru calling, tru/davis, tv, will & grace, will and grace, witch, without a trace, woody/jordan, writing, x files