anthony (goodnightxangel) wrote in __arcana,

new song's lyrics

song title : think big

I think im running out of sympathy
For promises you made
But never kept

And now im over all the inside jokes
that capsalize the past
there all worn out

I think were running out alchol
Will someone make a run?
and get some more

I think im running out of energy
to emphasis these words
you wont listen anyway...

And I
Would like to try
This one more time

If I
could find a way to rewind
and take back all the
Drunken, liquered lines I gave to you
If I
could find a way to rewind
To October of our Sophmore year
and stop where we began

I think you've gotten way to big for me
Smoking out in cars
Your smoking out your friends (whats that word mean to you?)

I think my tolerance for "thats just him,
expect the worst you can"
has come to an end

I think your cell phone calls mean more to you
Than I ever did
or ever would

I think your thinking im a hypocrit
Well, in fact I think your right
Who am I to judge?

I wont let you
Tell me stories
Of smoken blunts
and empty 40z
Save it for
the people who
would praise you for it

If your looking for substance
I've got it all, right here
If your looking for consolence
i've got it all, right here

but if your looking for fuel to add to the raging fire that is your ego...

look somewhere elese
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