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Alright i was reading thru the lastest issue of ap and came across an artical for unsigned bands...and went and looked it up...well heres the info...just thought yall might be interested...Tell me what u think...Every chance u can get should be taken advantage of...


Every band out there wants nothing more than to get signed to a record label and have all the perks that come with it: Radio play, distribution, internet promotion, merch, clothing sponsorships, etc.. We here at Takeover Records recognize this and have joined forces with some of the best names in the industry to make this a reality for one lucky band/artist.

Takeover Records, PureVolume.com, and AbsolutePunk.net would like to introduce the 'Sign My Band' contest! Here's how it works:

Takeover Records will be sharing a tent with YELLOWCARD on every date of the Warped Tour, starting June 25th. All you need to do is bring your band's best demo CD to our tent and drop it in our 'Demo Submission Van' (pictured right).

At the end of the tour, we will pick out 10 of the best demos we receive. The 10 bands will each have one song posted on the front page of PureVolume.com and the winner will be voted on by the public for one week.

The band/artist that gets the most votes will then be rewarded with a record release with Takeover Records and free internet promotion from AbsolutePunk.net and PureVolume.com. The winner will also get free specialty radio promotion from JMA & Associates, a complete merch set-up including shirts, hats, and stickers from AI Creations, and finally all kinds of good stuff from Hurley! Winning band will also be guaranteed at least one opening spot for YELLOWCARD on their 2005 tour! The 9 runners-up will all receive free stuff from Establishment Clothing!

Get your best demos ready... Does your band have what it takes?

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