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Any Fall Out Boy fans?

Well you can now buy this book written by a very good friend of the band

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Go to for more details about the book, and who Christopher Gutierrez(more commonly known as "HeyChris") and why he's important, if you don't already know.

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Hey, I hate to just come into this thing and promote, but this is really important.

go to and choose Paris Ave and click vote!!

The winner gets to record a full length for free. Anyone who votes I will give a cookie.

And then, anyone that puts that link in their LJ, aim profile, away message, or anything else that can get it out to people and tell them to do the same, you will be even more extra awesome and I will buy you a taco or something.

Apologies once again, but this is super important for us.

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Tyler Norman has parted ways with the band due to musical differences. We have some people in mind, but if you play guitar and want to try out, we would be more than happy to listen.

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ok we are going to record a new song on the sunday the red room...we have some shows coming up soon...the song one of the songs we have been working on all summer,so hopefully you all enjoy much as a sandbox!!!
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