A little late to the punch, but still all there...

"Thanks to typical unforeseen delays, the Acoustic Request Show Highlights CD will likely be available in January from our webshop. In the meantime there were a few of the souvenir t-shirts from the show, which were part of a VERY limited run, available through the webshop right now."
Did anybody in this community actually attend the acoustic request show?
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From arabstrap.co.uk:

"The Acoustic Request Show passed without major incident on Saturday the 16th of October and was also recorded. An edited version of the show, featuring the highlights fom the set, will hopefully be ready for release (via the web-shop only) before the end of this year. We will post details as soon as we have any."

Maybe if my credit card situation clears up I'll share this on slsk with you all.


Arab Stap setlist

Here is the full set list from the Acoustic Request show:

The Last Romance (New)
Packs Of Three
The Shy Retirer
Who Named The Days?
Amor Veneris
Not Quite A Yes
Kate Moss
Loch Leven
Dead Air (New)
Pica Luna
I Would've Liked Me A Lot Last Night
The Week Never Starts Round Here
Fucking Little Bastards
Hello Daylight
You Shook Me All Night Long
Bruce Willis
Screaming In The Trees
More updates when I hear of them.

Upcoming Arab Strap Shows

Upcoming Arab Strap live dates:

Malcolm and Aidan will playing be their first, and probably ony, Acoustic Request Show at Nice 'N' Sleazy's in Glasgow on Saturday the 16th of October. Audience members will receive a request form upon entry, which they will be invited to post in the Request Box. Capacity is 150.
If you have any pre-gig suggestions, please refer to the message board forum and give the band some help.

Also this year :

5th September, Festival Of The Sea - Palermo, ITALY.

All day Indie Festival featuring:
Malcolm Middleton & Eugene Kelly (the Vaselines) LIVE
with Owen Rankin (Stazi), Tara Mascara (Language of Flowers) and Stuart Gray (Viva Stereo)
29th August (Bank Holiday Sunday)
The Fab Cafe, Manchester
111 Portland Street, Manchester
0161 236 2019
Visit www.kitchensinkdisco.com for more details