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Strip Me to My Core [entries|friends|calendar]
:::fat and hating it

a girl. an eternal - tho faded - nymphet sat down one day to write out her manifesto. an outline of a life full of trials and tribulations; adventure and hiding; love and brokeness. information to share with the world around her. family, friends, and aquaintences alike. expression spread over spanses of time and through chapters and volumes. with dog-eared pages of icons and on frail photography paper, she gave the world her life.
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[21 Apr 2012|03:22pm]
Originally posted by inmost_light at http://inmost-light.livejournal.com/202251.html moreCollapse )

[13 Jul 2006|09:04pm]

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3 gave me more
[10 Nov 2004|10:38am]

Hey girls. I have just created a new community for people with any eating disorder. You can do whatever you want there. Post thinspiration, share tips, whatever...please join. I want it to be a safe place for us all to go.


[06 Nov 2004|09:25pm]


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