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__antichrist__'s Journal

The Anti-Christ
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Want to go to "HEAVEN"?

do you REALLY know why THE CHURCH (NOT "GOD") had cast Lucifer out??

Well, let's first, take THE CHURCH OUT of the picture!

Def: MISERable (miZer-A-bul): To be in a state of delusion, where you cling to an material or conceptual vice which you perceive to be "soul-y" that which brings you pleasure, joy, happiness or salvation.

Def: MISERY (miZer-E): A state of being completely discontent with oneself, due to the misunderstanding thereof.

This is a realistic, rational and ANTI-dilusional, ANTI-MATERIALISTIC, PRO-HGA, comunity that is here to bring joyful words, concerning only THE FACTS on the concept of the "anti-christ" and the "apocalypse".

We here will dispel the myths of the church and elaborate on the philosophys of the "Anti-Christ" ways, the falacies in the english language and the heinous misinterperations of words begotten of the church.

In other words THE MOTHER OF ALL ABOMINATIONS is none other than the church, indeed, as it has directly defied the presence of the 'heavenly kingdom' of Earth, making it a hellish nightmare of dilusionary fantasies, forms of destructive mortal vice and dangerous dogmatism.

There ARE GLORIOUS BENIFITS, through the Anti-Christ way of life in TRUE 'salvation of the soul' which is made manifest in the form of eventual discovery of one's own soul through the symbolic "Quest for the Holy Grail".

The only way one can ever become the Anti-Christ is if you DO EXACTLY WHAT HE SAYS, though.

DO NOT PREACH the word of the Anti-christ or a primitive troglodyte church-dweller may cause PHYSICAL HARM to you! Just in case you weren't aware, These "Christian Soldiers" are none other than brainwashed zombies!

Welcome to what is now called "Dawn of the Dead", which will, with your help, one day be reclaimed as the "Heavenly Kingdom" of EARTH.

We will discuss why people such as William S. Burroughs, Philip K. Dick, Aleister Crowley, Susan Sontag, Rob Breszney, and many others may just as well be worthy of being placed along with the names of prophets and saints.