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Location:Palatka Fl.
5 Favorite Bands:Tiger army, the horrorpops, nekromantix, social distortion, and cheap sex
5 Favorite Books:im not much of a reader, i usually loose interest in every book i have ever read but i did like Las Miserables
5 Favorite Movies:Donnie Darko, Fight Club, Blow, Alice in Wonderland, and Clockwork Orange
Favorite TV show:The Dive, I don't watch much television, only when i have insomnia
Heroes(who & why): James Dean, wow where do I start. I read a biography book about him in 5th grade and did a report on him. He was a genuis even if he was gay or whatever. To me he was the greatest actor ever.
If you had a time machine...i would go back to kindergarden and flip off my teacher
And You Think?
: I think it should be used in rape or important situations. If somebody wants to do this they should know that it is murder and they will never forget about what they are doing at that moment for the rest of their life. After all this country is supposed to be free, people should be able to make their own choice so I think it should be kept lawful.
America: I personally think that everything in this country has gone down the drain. The government and political issues are full of lies and secrets. Our government is shit, gas prices are high, in Florida the only thing Jeb supposedly cares about is helping students in graduating, suceeding in school and getting a good education and yet hundreds of kids drop out daily. Other countries dispise America. Oh yeah and to top it off our president is a fuck up who doesnt know how too make anything go right thus screwing over the future generation. But I hate Kerry too. Thats my opinion and I respect yours.
Self Abuse: I think most of it is just for attention but either way if you want attention or not, and you abuse yourself you need help. I can't say I never have had a problem with this but I am guilty in not getting help.
Drugs/Drinking: I have always dispised and loathed drinking *hiss* everybody in my family is an alcoholic and I refuse to follow their foot steps. I just don't care to drink. And thats the way I think about it, but I don't fucking care if anyone else drinks or does drugs its not my problem. I may have stopped doing drugs but I am a chain smoker and that can't be any better. If you are sXe thats good for you that you have reasons for not doing them and you will get respected for that.
There is More?
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this is an older one of me when my hair was longer and my septum was pierced i think its a crappy picture but i like the way my hair looks Image hosted by
Why should you be accepted: Because I say so. I took time and effort to answer these questions and state my opinions, so why should't I.
5 things you love: My best friend Tuesday, my hair, my music, my drawings, my sense of humor
5 Things you hate: My father, showers, hot weather, anime,
Any Last words: If I had herpes the majority of the people I hate would be infected Bwahaha.
DISPLAY LINKS: that is my myspace website durr
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