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learn to forget

Name: Brittany Dawn
Age: 16 (17 this July)
Location: Pennsylvania
5 Favorite Bands: gawrsh...that's hard. Um currently. The Beatles, The Get Up Kids, Bright Eyes, Frank Sinatra, and The Distillers
5 Favorite Books: The Lovely Bones, 1984, In the Time of Butterflies, Keeping You a Secret, and Hamlet
5 Favorite Movies: I Heart Huckabees, Patch Adams, Forrest Gump, Star Wars, Edward Scissorhands
Favorite TV show: Err. Wheel of Fortune.
Heroes(who & why): My hero would probably be my friend Ali. She is more of a sister to me, and she is always strong. She is opinionated yet open-minded, responsible yet fun to be around, strong yet not afraid to show any weaknesses, and she is not afraid to admit her faults.
If you had a time machine...I would never change anything from the past because even though I am not quite sure if there is such a thing as fate, I do believe that every small thing that happens has some effect on the present. It would be interesting to see things in the future. The most interesting thing to me would be to go forth a few years and see if I ever do start to talk to my father, if I am still friends with some of my current friends once I graduate, and basically just things such as that.
And You Think?
Abortion: I am PRO CHOICE. The whole idea of it being a choice is that it is going to affect the person making the decision, not anyone else. The truth is making abortion illegal means making parents out of those who are not ready and/or unfit to take on that responsibilty. Not to mention it would overcrowd foster care even more than it already is.
America: America is pretty okay. If these leaders of ours would realize their priorities are in the wrong place, it would probabnly be a lot better.
Self Abuse: Self abuse is something that I think demonstrates weakness. I should know. I have helped a lot of friends quit such habits, and they are so much happier now. I noticed that they only abused themselves in times of weakness or some sort of emotional stress or pain. (I am against it in case you didn't get that).
Drugs/Drinking: Whatever butters your bagel. I have been drunk and I hate it. The only alcohol I will drink is red wine or something fruity, and when I do, it is sparingly. As for drugs...what you do is your business. I have smoked, but I don't now. I don't like anyhthing harmful to the body, but that is your own decision.
There is More?
3-6 Pictures♥:
bite my lip kisses
bite my lip^^                                 kisses^^
after a shower
after a shower^^
Why should you be accepted: I can be straight-forward and honest. And I will be active.
5 things you love: hippos, my guitar, the rain, watermelon, watching one of my favorite movies with a close friend
5 Things you hate: hypocracy, hang nails, people who bs me, socks with holes in them, narrowminded people
Any Last words:
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