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learn to forget

: marymorgan
Age: 16
Location: lake chelan, wa
5 Favorite Bands: ah.. a lot... sex pistols, the vaselines, the germs, the ramones, old green day, the beatles, nirvana, garbage, no doubt, bad religion, coldplay, the shins, the pixies, bikini kill, operation ivy, the distillers...
5 Favorite Books: GIRL INTERUPTED, walk two moons, ronia the robber's daughter
5 Favorite Movies: GIRL INTERUPTED, lord of the rings, amelie, bowling for colimbine, moulin rouge, romeo and juliet
Favorite TV show: dont really watch tv all the much.
Heroes(who & why): joni mitchell because her lyrics are amazing, brody dale because i like her clothes, voice and additude
If you had a time machine... i would go ahead two years and see where i was. i would also go back to late 80s and early 90s so i could see green day at a little venue and actually see nirvana live
And You Think?
: i am PRO CHOICE all the way. how can the government trust a woman with a baby when they cant trust her with a choice?
America: I think it has a slight chance of turning out okay if the people in power realize that their priorities are totally off and the people are better informed of and realize who and what they are voting for.
Self Abuse: it releives.
Drugs/Drinking: it is super fun, but its sad when people's lives revolve around an addiction. i think there is no problem if people dont get too carried away.
There is More?
3-6 Pictures?
: Image hosted by
Image hosted by
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Why should you be accepted: I will be active and i speak my mind. i also will promote and all that good stuff.
5 things you love: playing bass, being on stage, writing, having good conversation, being on a high (be that chemical or natural)
5 Things you hate: phonnies, phones that cut out, being sterotyped, spiders, war
Any Last words: accept me. that would be cool.
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